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S&K - Flying Battery Act 2

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A remix of one of my favorite Sonic songs ever! =D

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Probably one of the best one's out there, but the bass at times felt too heavy. Also I wish it was longer..


There aren't many remixes to the 2nd act of Flying Battery. I wish it was longer but it's still great and filled with energy. Great job.

5/5 10/10

thats all i have too say

Passionate, Scratchy, but Great

Elite has gone WAY over the top on this fantastic beauty of a piece folks.

One word: Love.

One my part for this song, and on how you will feel after hearing the love and feeling put into this remix.

It is SO OBVIOUSE when a composer puts their heart into a piece and when they are “just remixing for fun” You know what I call that, “remixing for fun”? Art for arts sake. I think that its cool and all, but if you want to be taken seriously, you should do what Ferrex did here, PUT YOUR HEART AND SOUL INTO IT. ART FOR YOUR SAKE. When you do that, you go above and beyond what others can do and your music starts to REPRESENT you.

Anyways, phenomenal job Ferrex. All I can say is that I thought everything was great.

Things I Loved: The amount of feeling put into the piece. You obviously cared, and it made me care too.

The overwhelming plethora of sound: great job fillin the air with all sorts of beats, counter-melodies, diverse synths, and self interpreted melody.

How original and yet traditional this was: This song used some original feel to it and some revamped melody and counter melody, but AT THE SAME TIME, sounded like it came directly from the original composers head. The use of drums and what I like to call ‘that crazy and original’, “sonic base line” that is most prominent in Robutnik stages, was almost like it came from the original composers brain. VERY sonic-esque Elite. Well done.

Things that annoyed me: That annoying scratchy synth you used for counter melody in the beginning and melody at the end. It mixed “sort of”. The “wave sound” it had worked only half of the time, and in the end just plain made me angry. Please make this song a little easier on the ears by getting rid of all “the scrathiness”.

I think this song just needs to be streamline and revamped yet again. Now I know what your going to say and I know, the scratchiness is part of the original sonic feel! I know! This song is GREAT and I think it sounds SO MUCH like the game it came from, with a twist. However, I think you should take matters into your own hands and remix this baby yourself, making it smooth as Boston cream pie, and forget how this one sounds. Make it new, make it smooth, make it innovative, USE EFFECTS AND AMBIENCE.

I believe in you, only because you have really showed what it’s like when you put yourself into a piece, and I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN. Go for it man, and go all out.

Thank you for your time and I hope this is not wasted on deaf ears.

....P.S.-I always have trouble giving originality points to remixes! Its not you!

EliteFerrex responds:

Okay. You got me here. I like that old scratchy feel, sometimes, but thinkin' about it, it just doesn't fit. I'll remake this one sometime, guaranteed.

Some Minor Stuff

It was a very good remix, albeit short. It had some very good features and some very bad.

I really liked the drums, the clap got the feeling across well. I also liked how the guitar blended with the synth.

There was also a few problems. I don't think that the main melody which kicks in later is strong enough, it needs to be louder.

This remix is also short, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just can get annoying sometimes.

I also didn't really like the articulation behind the melody in the beginning. Also, I didn't like the metallic echo that the main synth had in the beginning.

Otherwise, good song!

-A Navij11 Review

EliteFerrex responds:

Thanks for the feedback, mate. It's not perfect, but it was fun! ^^

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Mar 18, 2007
7:58 PM EDT
Video Game
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