Piercing Lazer - Element (Instrumental Demo Preview)

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So I've been working on my metal sound hoping to make it better, and so far I'm really happy with how this Melodic Metal/Rock hybrid is turning out. This is a preview of an upcoming Piercing Lazer track coming to "The Other Side" Deluxe Edition. Probably early to mid next year, was hoping this year, but I want to take my time with it.


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You gonna vox this bad boy. Very fucking rad tune, brother. Dig the shit out of it. Love the bridge transitions. Can NOT wait to hear this concluded. It's pretty fucking badass.. I can hear all those inspirations. Nice work. \m/

RealFaction responds:

thanks man!!! :D Yes I am, eventually. I've been working on improving my metal sound, glad you like it! Means a lot! :D

I like how your songs can switch from badass to beautiful in a matter of seconds. I feel like the rhythm licks at the beginning are a little repetitive but who am I to call someone else out on that eh? Great job!

RealFaction responds:

thanks! :)

Just a liiiiiittle too over-reverb'ed, and some parts are dying for a little more leadage.

On that guitar at the very beginning, high up with the harmonic minor, I'd recommend a little sharper release. The notes don't have a really good natural contour between the picks and the release of the previous note.

I can definitely tell this is inspired by Xenogenocide, for sure.

Now let's talk drums. Kick is suffering from the reverb pretty bad. It's getting muddy in the mix. Turn up the low cut on that kit just a little, and crank that kick up just a bit. Also, love your china cymbal. I have to know what that is <3. Other than that, the 20khz+ range seems up just a bit too high with those hats, and you have a fizzy sound. Snare could possibly use a bit less metallic rattle. Also really missing some tom fillage here. The reverb seems just to be muddying everything together; the drums are buried at some points.

Rhythm guitar sounds a little too hot up in the 16khz+ range. Might recommend a different cab. If you have ReaEQ, it's really useful for hunting and pecking those troublesome frequencies that are coloring your tone.

Other than that, great writing. Wish I could hear just a little bit more of your bass and trademark synths throughout. Hunting some of the heaviest overtones on all of your instruments and cutting out unneeded sub frequencies should really help bring them out.

Really looking forward to this piece, and I'll get back to you asap on those mails. Social anxiety, social anxiety, social anxiety. Love ya!


RealFaction responds:

reverbed? Do you mean on the lead? Not sure where else there is reverb. Oh? Hmm....maybe. But, I don't have reverb on the kicks...unless you mean reverb from other things? I really don't know where there is reverb in the mix there to be honest. Thanks. Buried? I hear them fine...hmm....maybe I'll turn them upsome. I dont really have a different cab to be honest, I dunno I like it. I'm not a pro in this field really.


It's not subjective for me this song deserves a good ol 5 stars.
Through your some parts of the song we can really feel that YOU made it and not anyone else,just RealFaction.
Thinking of it,you should really make a piece of the Nightmare Cops ost.If that happens I'd be so happy and I guess I won't be the only one. Keep up the work,I had an incredible time .

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! :) I wish I could make music for NC but that's Oney's job and the music I heard when I played the demo last year was really good. He's the right guy for the job. Would be cool if I somehow got involved though. Thanks!

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Oct 25, 2017
4:01 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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