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Part one of Atmosphere... and a taste of what's to come.

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Troposhpere is tropic.

Not Techno. But, it was a nice deep name for this song. It was alright. Didnt see any erros, but the song itself needed more to it!!! You should of put some different synths in it. Even so, I did enjoy listening to what was played.

Karco responds:

In case you didn't know, this is an insanely old song of mine, I'd never even consider coming back to it - I made it a year and a half ago. :\

Thanks for the review.


you stop with the Atmosphere? if u didn't, then I'll wait for stratosphere.
I just reviewed 2 of your songs, neither of them legendary... were these ur old pieces? oh, and is that... bomberman I hear??? WTF? And ok I think God doesn't exist but did he come down in the form of your body if he does?

Karco responds:

Yeah, I stopped with it. :P

Nope, neither of them are that good, they're both old, and this song has nothing to do with Bomberman. XD

As for the God thing... thanks? XD

And thanks AGAIN for the review. :P


<insert raving review here>

i wont even bother typing it out, we both know that i love it

Karco responds:

Cool, though actually, I think it's so-so. XD Thanks anyway for reviewing.

Ambience and bounce....

NIce heavy intro synths. Nicely gated, gives good rythem. I like how the hats sound filtered almost. It almost seems as tho the synths are a little over bearing.

Whoa! I can't believe it is over! It was pulling me in the whole time, but I never really felt like I got there/// Hmmm, still very nice to listen to. I am going to check out SBB's remix now-thanks to him I found this.

Good work!

Keep it wildstyle!

Karco responds:

Hey, beatmasterJAG, (what's with the name? :D) I suppose you're reviewing this because you found SBB's remix? Ha, it's really good, it more than does this justice. :P

Since this is such an old song I can't say that I have much to add... but that doesn't mean the review isn't appreciated! ;) Thanks a lot for stopping by, glad you like it. :)

Good stuff, but more variety?

Hmmm~m. This is likable, and I again commend your patience in being able to work on a build-up to as many layers as you do. I do, however, agree with another reviewer on--Stained Chrome, I think?--who mentioned that you may want to start varying from "feeling your way into" songs by building them up one layer at a time--try starting with all or most of the layers there from the beginning, maybe, and see what you can do with the aural shock on the listen?

One thing I have noticed is that you've got pretty much the same beat loop with a different voice mapped onto it for the backbone of a lot of your songs--the beat-beat-(halfbeat)-beat--which could probably stand to be varied as well.

I do really like the tide/ocean sounds you've built this one over, though; very nice introduction to the aural "space" of the song. Actually, I think this might be better if you started with the ocean+pads sans beat and then layered things onto it--one thing I like about "professional" EBM music is that some artists will start with the more "ambient noise" for their intro rather than jump straight into the beat. It keeps songs from sounding too repetitive, IMO, and that's something your music does suffer from.

Anyhow. Good effort! Just needs some more polish, is all. :)

Karco responds:

Well, I've been considering that suggestion of yours in that first paragraph but starting TOO suddenly and the listener, who's often starting the song from listening to little or nothing, gets an instant headache. XD But I'll experiment.

Not much to add concerning that second paragraph... and concerning the third, I'll agree that those pads are awesome. :D Interesting opinion, though, and I'll try to keep it in mind.

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Mar 14, 2007
11:45 PM EDT
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