White Rose

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Beautifully tragic. 2003 Hard Trance, unfinished, like the girl it was about. So emo ;-P

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I like it

Dude i get dissed all tha time cuz i use intros in my music-i dont use turn tables or CDjs on my stuff or even pc programs at the time so when i start the beat ppl cant decide they like it till they hear the whole thing,but also we are very limited on what we can download on here if they would give me 15min worth of play time i would have a blast.But good song.i liked it!

I don't think it's fair......

That your reviews have been so harsh.

Yes, it could do with a bit more mastering, and the pluck could do with a bit more variation (repetitive is expected, but this just feels like it...you could just try playing with that for a bit) in places... especially on those last notes, just needs a shift down in octave at the end of the phrase and your laughin....i like it. Yes a full quality one would sound better.... but i think this is bloody good.

Level everything out a bit more and your onto something good here...

The main beat and build up is really quite good, get's you ready for what's coming up and when it does break it has the right feel to it..

My advice, put some more time in to the mastering of this, maybe balance out some of the samples, the small quiet section at around 2:30... needs something going on there... but when it comes back in at 3:40 it's immense!! steppin up again around 4:08 takes this song to the end on a massive high, plenty of time for a solid mix to be done if played live..

Like i say, i liked it, get a 4/9 from me.... keep it up... i want to hear a better version of this ya hear ;)

I've heard better

Its missing direction or something to that effect

This is...

... some pretty OK sound you got here. I really don't think it stands out that much from the rest of the Trance-scene around the world, but you've given it some thought, that's very clear.

I'm sitting at home right now, so hearing isn't 100%, but I think it sounds like there's some phasing problem going on. Club music such as this is mono, or at least mono-compatible in clubs, wich this probably is too. But if youre gonna release a version on mp3, that ppl might want to listen to in normal sound system + head/earphones, you might want to concider using the stereo-field a little more.

And about the pahisng-issue, I'm not sure here, but it does sound like youäve ran the song through a stereo-imager of some sort, and messed up the settings a bit...

Good song though, I'm sure itll go perfet on those trance nights. When the bassline kicks in, it's very energetic. Nice one.

4AM responds:

The phasing might be caused by my converting the 128kbps MP3 of this into a 96kbps instead of from the original uncompressed audio, I don't really notice, but I did post it in the middle of the night and so I couldn't listen very loudly to the conversion, either.

As for lack of direction, the track was going for simpicity, but I do see what you're saying. It needs more variety in timing of the leads after the breakdown. This was also written back in 2003, so hopefully my production skills have improved a bit since then. (I'd point you at my MySpace music page for more recent stuff I'm not ready to release to the pseudo-public domain, but website promotion is against the rules ;-)

Either way, you'll see more from me.

If anyone wants to use this for a submission I'd be willing to clean it up a bit and send you a 44.1kHz AIFF, if you'd prefer.

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Mar 14, 2007
10:24 PM EDT
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