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An industrial-type song I made for fun.


moving around

I liked it i don't know if its just me but i liked how 20 secs in it started to sound like a echo in one side out the other
I would love to here more like that lol

Karco responds:

I think I know what you're talking about... :P It's a nice effect of the Vanguard preset I was using.

Maybe sometime. :) Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked it.

good work :)

well i decided to review this song s u suggested so anyway here i go...

The song starts out slow with a very interesting bass synth, then moves on in some very deep drums which i think anyone can appreciate. oh also i like the reverb, then the second pair of drums come in which i think really adds too the song.

when the song stops i thought it ended but then i said to myself, hmm.. tthat was to short, and boom it starts again!
I love how at the end of the song the tempo and bpm slows down to almost a stop with the fade-out, it sounds really good.

nice job on this one :)

5/5 9/10


Karco responds:

Wow. How'd I miss this review for so long? It's been... a month. More. O_O Happens sometimes, I guess. Sorry about that.

Well, I don't have as much to add seeing as that it's been so long. I'd have to agree with most of it, though. Thanks for the review. :)


Well, the mixing, EQ-ing and stuff is pretty good in this track! But the first percussion that comes in kind of screws up the track a bit. It sounds weird and distorted, and mono to. Maybe you should make a more stereo basic-rhytm like that one, but with other samples for the same instruments :)

The build-up is very lame, sorry, you should really work on that.. this is like: first part, first part + second part, first part + second part + third part etc. etc.
You know what I mean. Simple beginner-build up.. And I can hear (when I listen to the sound quality) that you're not a BEGINNER. Because the idea and the clarity is very good!

I overall like this track pretty much :)

Keep it up, but improve some things ;)


Karco responds:

It's one of my better songs, I'll agree... and much of that criticism I wouldn't have thought of. It'll help... I'll keep it in mind. :) Thanks for the review, much appreciated.

(Psst... actually, I AM a beginner. I've been making music as long as I've been submitting it. I've come a long way but I have even farther to go. XD)

This could have been more diverse

But I still liked it. This was cool, would work well in some sort of FPS if it had some more layering. The break there was great, but when it came back in, that would have been the perfect time to introduce a new layer. The whole dropping tempo at the end was kinda weird.. It works, but a nice thunderous rumble to smooth it a little bit would have been awesome.. Now that I have written my thoughts on this, I shall get to work writing the message :P

As always, good luck! :D

Karco responds:

Hmm... nothing to add, thanks for the review. Everybody's getting all over my case on diversity today... :'( Hah.

And good luck to you too, Mataro. Thanks for the review, glad you liked it. :)

Again, lacking diversity

You really need to figure out what you can do to change up pieces more. Add more instruments, change up the melodies, etc.

Another discrepency is that it's very basic. You could use much more layering. Make the piece thicker.

This piece I didn't really like. It wasn't pleasing. You're much better at other styles.


Karco responds:

Yeah, it is fairly basic... I thought simplicity, for this song, was pretty good. I guess I was wrong. :( Aah well. I'll be sure to be extra careful in this area from now on... thanks for the review, DSMagnum. :)

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Mar 12, 2007
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