That Feeling (When I'm With You)

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That Feeling is...ambitious, in its own ways. The instrumentation is odd, the structure is non-traditional, the general feel of it is a bit hard to place. Nonetheless I think it's a really interesting piece of music with some tasty hooks, so enjoy (and try not to fixate on the generic-sounding title)!

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Original background photo by Sandy Brown Jensen -
www.flickr.com/photos/sandybrownjensen/ - then edited by me.

(When I'm with you)

Stoke up the fire now
Let's breathe in the smoke
It's got us going 'round
Aching for more
Our lungs get turned to ash
You're killing me slow
I know that this can't last
It's burning us both

Just for one night let's fall in love
We'll go our separate ways when the sun comes up
So tonight let's make the most of it

Over and again I get that feeling
Your hands are shaking you can feel it too, yeah
Your body burning like a heat wave
When I'm with you

When I'm with you (x2)

Love was never something we wanted (but we've got lust in spades)
We're not alike, we'd never be happy (but we can play the game)

Just for one night let's fall in love
We'll go our separate ways when the sun comes up
When the sun comes up

That feeling
Over and again I get that feeling
Your hands are shaking you can feel it too, yeah
Your body burning like a heat wave
When I'm with you

When I'm with you (x2)

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I appreciate that you went for a bit of a different sound with the guitars this time. Perhaps it’s something about the amp? Anyway, I love the climax into :22. The vocals are seriously strong as always. Perhaps the instrumentation changes a tad suddenly at 1:02, but that’s a small detail. I really liked the rhythmic elements and energy of the post-chorus at 1:40, but I think you didn’t quite spit out some of the syllables there (“something” sounds like it got cut off). The instrumentation is a tad wonky, admittedly, but I actually really like the structure. It’s not a long piece, but I feel like you did a lot with the form. I’m hugely impressed that you continue to bang out these fun, energetic, strongly-mastered pieces every 2 weeks, Finn. By all means, keep up the great work!

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the above elements interact?)
Composite score

This is such an awesome 80s-vibe synthpop song! Dude, your work has consistently amazed me throughout the NGADM, and this is definitely no exception. The chorus is catchy, the song is well-composed, well-arranged, and well-produced. I mean, those claps in the chorus? Crazy good!

Maybe the one thing I would say about the track is that imo the lyrics could use a bit more phonetic development (although this is definitely a very nitpicky thing haha). For example, in the choruses, you've got a really catchy two-note motif for "feeling", "feeling", "feel it", and "heat wave". And once you've set up the pattern with two "feeling"s and a "feel it", it'd be cool if the third iteration of the motif was either "feeling" again or something that sounds similar ("heat wave" is different in both the vowel sounds and consonant sounds—maybe something like "healing", "feed it", etc. Not that these words would fit content-wise, but just as examples in terms of pure phonetics.)

But tbh this is the kind of thing that I tend to care about a lot more than other people, and all in all, it's another really great, really FinnMK song. Good luck in the compo! :D :D

FinnMK responds:

Thanks for your kind words! Neat advice about the phonetics. I've never even considered that sort of thing before. I'll have to keep it in mind for the future.

Why is everyone hating on this song, it is pretty good, but it does feel weird and I don't think this is a good style for you to be honest, but you still managed to make me listen to it all!

Great stuff as usual, FinnMK! I almost enjoy that it isn't as big as your songs usually are, but there are so many interesting things happening rhythmically that keep it interesting throughout. The sections that hit at 1:02 and 2:27 are my favourite parts of the song :) I also have a soft spot for songs that are short and sweet so I enjoyed this a lot. Good luck this round!

FinnMK responds:

Variety is the spice of music and life, for sure. Those sections are the 'choruses', though it's sorta hard to tell with this song structure haha. Looking forward to yours!

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