[C] Old Dog, New Tricks

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Produced by Cajete

A beat that pays homage to the earlier southern style of hip-hop instrumentals of the 2000's. A time where 808's weren't all wonky, hi-hats were clean and simple and snare rolls were fatter sounding. And of course, my own little twist.


... samples ahoy! strings and drum loops. It's passable because of the 'kick', but the brass and obviously looped sample strings are nasty, simple and uninventive. IMO, this is the work of someone who has zero creativity. It's base-level, gluing samples together; lacks any real inventiveness. Production is ok, in fact, surprisingly good! But how hard is it to sound good when you're using other people's ideas and presets... Plan B much? The work of someone who doesn't actually care about the idea of sounding unique. Bah, I'm jaded and i'm sorry, but it's just so boring.

Cajete responds:

Fair enough. Really, thank you for your honestly. Usually when someone leaves me a critical review I feel like they don't understand the intent of what I was aiming for. It's more of a "it would sound better like this" rather than a "this is what I hear and what I don't like". I do want to say, I'm not sure why you think the Brass is a looped sample. It's not, it's played by me. It's a beautiful brass sound-font I put on a compressor, a transient expander, tweaked some lows and mids and violĂ -- it's the sound you heard. Actually, most of this is played by me. You mentioned it was rather simple, which was the general idea to begin with. But I admit maybe I took it too far on the simplicity. The instruments that are in fact sampled would be a few select staccatos loops from a Kontakt plugin. You can hear them in the Chorus and a few sections of the verses. But overall things that were played by me > samples/loops I used. Those staccato loops work similar to an Arp. What I did at one point was remove the Arp effect from the strings and essentially made them single notes. This way I could use the "sound" but play my own melody with it. These are simple 3-4 note progressions (in some cases 6 or 8) layered together for chords which were fairly easily to achieve. I think that specifically contributes the the loop facade you hear. "Uninventive" is fair, but it wasn't necessarily my goal. Have you heard my other song? I make a lot of very strange things. Initially my goal was to keep it simple, I was working towards a familiar sound. I would love to hear your opinion on my other stuff. Thank you-- much love. 1

TLDR; I never ever use drum loops. That's blasphemous in my eyes. All my drum patterns are made from scratch, always have been, even since the first beat I ever made. Also, I rarely use samples. I can't even remember the last sampled beat I made, it was years ago. So you can say it's a shitty beat and you don't like it, and I'm totally ok with that because it's your opinion-- but you can't say I didn't make 95% of it from scratch. =)

Waking, wonky, and with a great mix between the old and the new. Reminds me, not too far from an Octarian during a trance.

Cajete responds:

Thanks for the vote! I'm curious, I tried searching but didn't find anything on "Octarian/Trance". I wanted to see what you meant. PM me something. Thanks, much love. 1

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Sep 1, 2017
10:15 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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