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_-={Constituting Realities}=-_

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Mar 6, 2007 | 11:29 AM EST
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Rated 4.08 / 5 stars
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A world of sterility, a broken man reaches for a last hope, read 1st review for full story



Rated 5 / 5 stars

A lonely child...

A child sat in the dusty room, where had everything gone? He had heard the sirens and his parents took him down to the basement so he would be safe, but when the went up to get something the door shut and locked, leaving him alone. Minutes later he heard the explosions and the screams, he plugged his ears but the sound was too much to block out, he spent the night in that cursed basement, listening to the gunshots and bombs, when finally there was one large bang, and everything was silent. He decided he was to tired to look, and resolved on investigating in the morning. What he saw when he left the basement shocked him, he was standing in his house, or what was left of it, the wind blew in his face, carrying a foul stench, he looked around and could see ash and decay everywhere. Fires burned in the distant city, but he could not hear the usual city bustle, perhaps it had suffered the same fate as his beloved home. His mother and father were missing, though when he started searching through the ash he found his mother and fathers wedding rings, why had the left them? he walked a few feet further and found 2 skeletons, holding each other in a final, loving embrace The child broke into tears, what could have done this? The child looked down and saw his hands were starting to burn, what was happening? He then felt his face start burning. He knew he was going to die, so he went into the middle of the room and sat, waiting to be taken back to his mother and father. He did not mind as the burning consumed his skin, he knew he would be payed off in the end, seeing his family again was worth the pain of death, for they would be reunited, this time in eternity. But what could have caused this? he wondered. He decided that he would not just die without knowing why. He walked towards the city, not far away. What he saw frightened him, how could so much death exist in one place? He saw the skeletal remains of a battle, the tanks crews skinned to the bone. As he walked into a house he could hear a radio crackling, giving a message of warning to anyone left alive, he only listened to it to find out what had happened, he did not want to survive. As his final minutes passed he heard the voice on the radio say something about a nuclear attack. The boy then realized what had happened. he heard about it on the radio and news but never figured it would really happen! He realized his parents had saved him to keep him alive, he now feared his self sealed fate. But as he was giving up hope he heard an engine rumbling out side, more survivors? He heard heavy boots clanking up the stairs, the door to the room he was in was burst down. A man in a military suit came in, holding a first aid kit. The man took a radio out of his pocket, "We found another one!" he said. More boots came up the stairs, one of the men carrying a first aid kit. With this he treated the child's wounds, numbing the pain. The men brought him outside to a large line of vehicles, putting him in the back of a truck with other survivors. The convoy then drove off, with survivors in tow. The boy was in the back of a rescue vehicle with others who had shared the same plight, but he still felt lonely, he had lost everything he knew, everything he cared about, but his parents had wanted him to survive, and that is what he would do, no matter how he felt, for he wanted to honor their memory.

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not too origional but it's what i think

An immortal man walks the earth. He has arisen to a higher state of being than most, and he sees the world truly, stripped of all it's lies, exposed are it's sorrows. And he wonders, they see it as? He has lived for centuries, the world has lost all the splendor it once held for him. He begins to think of his immortality as a curse, forced to see the passing of the years without truly experiencing them. he has lived many lives. No longer does anything interest him. He would kill himself, but he cannot die.

A man walks slowly through dirty, deserted streets, wallowing in eternal sadness.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

A short story that this song makes me think of

A man runs down an ally way after being betrayed by the man he cared most for. Blood dripping down his chest from the gun shot wound his best friend gave him, he wonders why he even went through with it and why he got his friend involved. He kept running for what seemed to be half an hour when he finally gave up. He realized his time was near. As he sat right up against a wall next to a rancid dumpster, he muttered under his breath "Why God... why?" He closed his eyes and slipped into a peaceful slumber. It wasn't the gun shot which hurt him the most but the betrayal from the man he trusted with his life. If only he didn't ask his friend to go along with it.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice and tearful ='(

I would write a story but I suck at that kind of thing, more of a issues man.

Sorry if I disappointed you ='/

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loneliness in a heart of a man.....

When I hear this song, it makes myself feel something is engulfing me....miasma....ah, clouded visions....I cannot see the future, even a glimpse of it....for me, this song better reflects to a convict who is going to be executed, but I choose to shoot him....quick but painful....

"Give your last prayers....."
"Are you ready to face this?"
"Okay, come with me...."

Both of them walked out of the jail.....and the destination will be the last place he would see....

"......." He was blindfolded....
"Okay, where's the shooting squad? Prepare yourself!"
"Farewell, my good friend, it's been nice knowing you for the past two years you're in jail, I wish I can help but....sorry,"
"........forgive me...."
*SQUAD! GUN UP! AIM......*

That's the fate of humans.....sometimes, something pushes a human to do the unthinkable by the norms....and sometimes they pay dearly for it....this is life, if you can't hold the strain, you're ripped......


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