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Author Comments

Track i made the other night, titles insignificant, thoughts and comments.


better ^^

I like this one better than spiritual loop - even tho once again the starting melody is a tad strong, aka too forward in the stereo field, and very close to peaking. Also like i said before some soundscapes and just overall sound clips of random things stuck in can really maintain interest in those repetitive buildup parts - something i'd recommend looking into - even if it was just like someone walking down a hall or some city life noise or people talking about random stuff. Kingbastard is a good example of implementation of that - I do it occasionally too :P Overall not bad tho - your songs do tend to eventually suck you in ^^


pitbulljones responds:

I'll have to try that out mate, adding little noise clips and stuff, i think that would work really well on some of my tracks. i think it maybe the limiter on this that brings levels up on singualr instruments. be a job that automation which i really havent a care for.

anyways cheers man, let me know when you have owt new up.


is more

Hello good mister pitters, I was just wondering if you might have uploaded something new.

Very nice track indeed. Always good to get some of your trademarks like the widely panned drums and lo-fi one-bar synth chords.

The vibes are a liiittle bit off-key, not sure if there's something you can do about that but if you could make them a bit higher, I'd do so.

The whole atmosphere is very classy, I love the phaser too (which indeed isn't for everyone but then again, your music never was).

I think you could stretch it a little bit longer, since we've been waiting so long for the drum groove it'd be nice to spend a little more time in its company.

That's all the criticism I have, I really like it a lot. Coming out of your composer's block a little?

Got a new track up as well by the way, I think you might like it. It's called Mutzi Schnutzi (bloody good title innit).

Oh, fifen.

pitbulljones responds:

alreet tang, sorry for the delay in replying.

haha i have trademarks now? cool! Yea the vibes are a setting on rhino, bass and vibes, and it the lowest setting before bass kicked in so maybe that why they sound a little off key, i love em tho lol.

i tend to develop atmospheres well, you've always said that, just struggle to take em anywhere else. Phaser is a flanger gald you like it tho, it's really hard to tame them tho and without maming sound really gimmicky is a struggle to. glad you liked it tho.

Length wise, i personally think it's bang on, i can understand what you're sayin, seeing as you've been waiting for it you want more, but mabe thats why i don't gve you more XD

thanks very much for the words, buzz me when you have anything new up.



really nice piece man, from the attacked synth to the melodic xylophone sound. Good use of panning too.
Not a fan of the phaser, so that sound doesnt do it for me, but it fits well enough. It's reminiscent of sigur ros, with a more electronic edge. The beats don't really live up to the rest of the trk for my ears, they could be developed a lot better. It's a nice tune man,worth a donwload:D 5'ed

pitbulljones responds:

yo kb, sorry for the long wait for a reply, bit of free time now being a bum again.

Yea i had time to burn on this track, took like 2 weeks off of work so really put my back into this. the xylophone sound is from rhino, crystal features on here too. it isnt actually a phaser on this track tis a good old flanger, bit of delay, overdrive and reversed. oh ta on the panning.

The drums were meant to be more of a supporting element of the tune rather than it's drive. haha another sigur ros compliment, wintang always says it. i can hear it, but i can't say im necessaryily influenced by them, you know what i mean, you just make what you make.

anyways cheers man.

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3.65 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2007
11:37 AM EST
File Info
3.2 MB
3 min 30 sec

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