Adrenaline Rise (Original Mix)

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Made by: SP34K3R M4N

Genre(s): Uplifting Trance, Trance

Notes: I think this song sounds as if Avicii met Aly & Fila. LOL!


This shoud probaly renamed "The 3rd Lazy Excuse For A Song", nd whats whith the (Original Mix) crap?! Is it one your mother mixes whith?! Sucker!

When this started i thought holy shit, this guy gets trance. Uplifting bassline as it should be, (I'd have put it an octave lower) drums are mastered almost perfectly. A little reverb on the bass would have helped it sound less dry in the opening. The sound effects building up to 2:20 are awesome, definitely trance like (as i said you seem to get trance production)

It's the mastering that lets this track down, too many elements make it muddy and not enough EQ/Leveling/Mastering in general is used.

You have huge potential, i can tell this from this track alone. Keep it up dude.

4/5 on both scores

Thoughts through timestamps:

There's a pretty ear-grinding synth which tends to be mitigated by the bass coming in at about 1:30, and then after that, that riser (?) at 1:54, when high, sounds like an air raid siren. Considering the title of your piece, well done.

2:20, nice feel. Nice melody, and nice everything else, if not a bit repetitive. Even at 2:48 I feel the same; it could have been a chance to switch things up, as if 2:20 was a prelude.

3:21 onwards, quite calm and anticipatory. The background instruments sound ever so slightly chaotic, which seems to me that outside of the trance music, it is depicting an emergency situation.

4:15 is REALLY nice. That piano has some nice lows, and that guitar lead is fat as ever. 4:40, when the beat comes in, there's that air raid siren riser again.

5:07 has a different melody altogether, hm. And some nice chord play too. 5:36 again could have been a chance to switch things up; it otherwise sounds almost exactly like the section before it. 6:05 is the same, but a bit more built-up. I love the feel anyway; it's just that the buildup here feels... a bit *too* gradual.

7:00, back with that guitar lead which I love very much. It's a pity that I didn't hear the original melody coming back, the one from 2:-something. A pity also that I didn't hear old and new melodies combined somehow. Because immediately after that guitar lead section comes the wind-down, which I felt a bit sad about; I felt that this song had far more to tell me than it actually did.

I have no complaints about the mixing.

My general thoughts: Nice song. It feels as though the song has far more to tell me, in certain sections where buildup could have changed the course of what you were feeling (texture rather than beat). I wanted a sense of returning to base, sort of, but the only time I got it was with the wind-up and wind-down and guitar leads. A main melody making a comeback would have helped with that feeling better. Otherwise, you chose your textures quite alright, and some of your instruments, I swear, could have sounded like background foley. Keep up the good work.

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4.60 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2017
11:52 PM EDT
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