Black Hole


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I made this some months ago, i dont know what else i can add...


I think it's an alright submission. I'm not sure so much about working so great as a loop since the ending doesn't really transition smoothly into the intro. That being said, it also doesn't work that great as a standalone piece either because of the way it just ends without warning.

It was pretty decent, but seemed to skip and jump around a lot. Especially towards the beginning of the song. The last 10 seconds were so were the complete opposite and seemed very empty in contrast to the rest of it.

Keep working, I'm sure you will grow as a musician and I'll be ready to listen to any future submissions you produce.

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DJ-Silent responds:

This is an unfinished project and i feel for uploading it to NG, that's why is a bad transition.

It's not bad, but it feels like it's missing something/it could be better, the thing is - I am really fckn bad at making beats. But I'd still use this to rap on that. I just think you could use this loop and expand it a little bit more. I feel like the base melody could be worked out until you get a complete song.

I suggest trying to make a song out of it - even if it'll sound bad first, just try and try until it sounds good, get some critique on NG and work on it again.

Which btw. is how you progress in being a creator on this platform ;)

However, I can't say I could've done any better but I ain't a standard for that. What I wanna say is - you're on the right side of the road, you just need to go further and have the braveness to accept mistakes. I just think you uploaded this because you were scared of mistakes / bad ideas.

Lemme tell you - there are no bad ideas and if you have "no idea" what to add, you're in the wrong profession. But you're not. So what you have is too much ideas. And when you start realizing that, you can work on how you work on your ideas, how you filter out the good ideas and how to make a sick tune.

But first things first - just start. Somewhere. Or actually, continue working on this tune. I'm sure it'll be sick AF when you're done. - When you're actually done ;)

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DJ-Silent responds:

Thanks you, your review made my day, im working by now in some remixes, not because im out of ideas, is because im still learning how to use FX studio and audicity, but i really could make a full versiĆ³n of this song, thank you very much

So hearing this wasn't so bad. In fact I think it could be better but for now we need to focus on the flaws in order to make it better. So firstly a small sample pretty repetitive and that's okay. One thing that makes it hard to listen to is the breaks and little glitches in the song like ADR3-N had mentioned the track had a lot of skipping maybe due to computer quality or rendering/exporting issues. I do find the song a bit plain and dull which could have been better added with more even for a short. Another thing is that I don't believe this fits in the Chipstep genre but rather something more experimental/trap related. Overall it's not a bad piece it just needs more work and time put into it. Don't give up on it try and make it better.

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DJ-Silent responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

This sounds like you recorded audio output on a vastly overtaxed PC. Lots of skipping, artefacts, etc. Also, lots of issues with the volume cutting in and out. That needs fixed before I can really consider this listenable.

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DJ-Silent responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah i do not really know what happened with sound spikes but it was a test, i will take this for helping me on my next music, thanks :D

Its a pretty kewl track! There is a lot of different lines and its a pretty cool mix, the only thing is that i found the loop a little broken, good work!

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Aug 1, 2017
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