The happy jazz song

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i made this song becouse i really felt like making it

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Alright cut, but nothing I haven't heard before.

BASS: It's not a traditional walking bass line, and for most of the song, that's alright. But the problem is that since you aren't using a real bassist (or it doesn't sound like you are), it just repeats on and on and on. Your bass line earns a 6/10 for being unique, but would've gotten higher if it didn't repeat.

DRUMS: Again, a synth instrument on a loop. Since it isn't a standard jazz beat, that earns points, but since it never switches, it sticks out like a sore thumb AND doesn't change at all. Oh, wait, at 01:20, the drums cut out. YES, CHANGE. Sixteen seconds later, they're back in, unchanging as ever. 5/10, higher if it would've not repeated for the length of the track.

HORNS: This where you get your big downfall. The initial sax entrance is great. Then, forty-five seconds later, it repeats. Also, at 00:16, the backup horns come in nicely, with 1 + 2 +a3 +a4e. Guess what I get to hear for the next ninety seconds, forever unchanging? Yep. 1 + 2 +a3 +a4e. At 01:04, the tenor sax comes in. THANK YOU, WINDS OF CHANGE! Oh. Wait. It's just repeating itself.

What's this Alto garbage at 01:42? It comes in on an offbeat, and plays a lick three times over that really shouldn't be played, ever. Then a horridly high note, and a soothing jazz scale down. OH GOD, PLEASE, NOT A REPEAT!!! ....fuck.

At 02:16, thank god, a somewhat good sax sound. And not a repeat, nice, though you already used it.

At 02:40, finally, a really good idea that I've been waiting for for 160 seconds. Why'd you make me wait for layering? Also, please don't repeat that.... damn it.

Finally, the fade out. Good, time to give my ears a rest.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Basically, what you did here is make a vamp. Now, ideally, if you were playing all of these instruments and tracking separately (which would be quite sweet), you would lay your drums down, and then you'd spend a time making a bass line that didn't suck. Did your initial bass line suck? Hell no, it wasn't half bad, but the repetition killed it. You gotta make sme variety happen. On everything. On horns, my god, the Alto solo was HORRID at 01:42. You need to focus on rhythm in a vamp, sure, but notes wouldn't hurt either.

Is this a bad track?

It isn't the worst.

But you've got some studying to do, I'd imagine.

Keep at it, though. Even if this is all synth, you could've made this better and more interesting.

onestaridiot responds:

YES! finally a revieuw with some critics, man gotta love that =D,

i got admid that are just loops blended together, no really hard working on it, i'm dead serieus, it's just the catchy tune at the beginning and the title that do the trick but that's kinda it.

i don't know where are that happy fuzz is about.


Very nice...

I liked this song, it's very good. Here's my opinion on this song:

The trumpet was excellent in the beginning. It really captured the image of a "happy jazz" song. I'm not sure but 17 seconds in, harmonicas play. I haven't heard this instrument in a while.
But yes, I'm pretty sure it's a harmonica. Either way, it set's a
nice tempo to this song, while having an excellent sound.

32 seconds in, the drums start playing, these drums are very nice in this song. Something you wouldn't hear in a jazz song now a days'.

Soon, the trumpet solo kicks in. It was a nice solo. But the sound did not match the song. When making the solo, try changing the bassline more. But the anticipation you had for the solo was nice. It was also repetitive. But most songs are, but in the solo, try making it flow, not repeating.

Other than that, great job...


just awesome...

jazzy, great rythm, great union with the drums, just lovely......loved it. congratulations.


Just added it to my game after hearing it yesterday. Just wish it looped like it's been doing in my head all day.

onestaridiot responds:

Thank for putting the song to your game, i will play and respond it when school is over ;)


sick nasty

i loved this song. the horns ere b-e-a-utiful. i also loved the drums and the bass line. keep up the great work.

(the real reason i decided to post this was to get that negative comment off of the top of the list :P)

onestaridiot responds:

Yay, tnx.

I love you