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Mithyx - The Journey (NGUAC)

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Author Comments

(This has a quieter mix due to some rendering issues. Turn your volume up if it sounds quiet)

Wow, this was quite fun. I named this after an old DnB mix on MrSuicideSheep's channel. It really summarizes the style I was trying to go for in this. If you can't tell, this was heavily inspired by oldschool DnB.



-FL Stock stuff (parametric eq2, vocodex, etc)
-Dimension Expander

-Vengeance (who doesn't use it)
-A bunch of loopmaster freebies
-FL Stock Samples

Stats and crap
DAW: FL Studio 12.4.1
Key: F minor
Tempo : 174 BPM
Genre: Drum and Bass

This will not be released anywhere else, so enjoy it NG!

*only used one-shots

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* This is an official 2017 NGUAC review *

Mixing, mastering and production: Pretty solid and some good ideas. Just some minor things that add up.
There's a bit of a disconnect in the reverb between all the instruments - several of them sound like they're not playing in the same mix. This is not to say that you shouldn't have differences in reverb (everyone likes a big spacy piano sound) but to make sure they're not out of wack with each other. It felt a bit weird to hear the little-reverbed drums, the mid-reverbed synths, and the heavy-reverbed piano playing at the same time.
I felt a bit like the drums were missing some bass umph. A tricky thing to balance in D&B where the kit is going constantly, but something to consider. Otherwise, not too much to say!

Composition: If I had to sum up my thoughts in one sentence, it would be that everything was decent but nothing blew me away. I mostly didn't feel like I had heard anything I hadn't heard in many other D&B tracks. This is an idea executed well, but that's it, you know? You've got the talent and the skills to do some great things, so I would say try and be a bit more ambitious and pursue some crazy ideas - you might be pleasantly surprised by what you come up with when you push yourself.

MithyxSounds responds:

Thanks :D

I like the smooth piano at the beginning. You may have gone a little overboard with the reverb, but I like the frantic synths and drums. The sub-bass was also a nice touch. The melodic content has a great relaxed vibe, too. My main problem is that it’s not really structurally complete or compositionally fulfilling. As I see it, you only really have an intro, chorus, and post-chorus here. You need to show me that you can structure a piece in its entirety. I also thought there was a little more room for originality, whether in the sound design, chord progression, or otherwise. The mastering is solid - I can hear everything clearly throughout, and you did a nice job of using the entire frequency range to your advantage. Overall, pretty enjoyable work, yet the composition leaves more to be desired. Keep at it, MithyxSounds. ;)


MithyxSounds responds:

Thanks for the detailed review :D

I like the intro. Very strong. But the chorus is very interesting per se... I like the DnB beat, very nice but it does get a wee bit repetitive, and the arp is kinda bland, I suggest you introduce more of the sounds you added earlier on. Don't get me wrong, this is a great track. But I do feel the low end of the spectrum is lacking a bit. The melody is great though, and maybe making the chorus and (verse?) intro more defined apart from eachother, it's kind of confusing as to whether or not the chorus was just introduced or whether it was some buildup. I think the EQ-ing on the piano is pretty good and the panning on the binary-style voice in the background is a cool feature.
Here are some other details you may want, but I don't want to sound much more critical:
-Bass Pluck sounds way too flat and not very bass-y
-Arpeggios can be very repetitive at times
-The kick should have more bass IMO
-Nice sounding transition noises
-The fading-in of the arps was a good effect
-Riser at the end has a good feel to it
-Melody really fit the title
I think you might've been squeezing this in for the NGUAC but it is still pretty good nonetheless :)
Keep it up and maybe try some of the things I pointed out? It's up to you.
I give it 3.5

MithyxSounds responds:

Bass pluck sounds not bassy? What? I EQed and boosted the hell out of the low end on that pluck. If anything, I was worried it would sound too bassy. Well, thanks for the detailed review anyways :)

Good track, especially the "piano" part ! My piano one Vst doesn't work on my version of FL studio, but now I'll try to make it work cuz' it sounds amazing ! Good luck for the NGUAC ;) !!

MithyxSounds responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. PianoOne can have some bugs, could be related to if you're using 64bit or 32bit FL.

This is really awesome. I love the bass, it's got that oldschool DnB vibe. The reverb hits throughout sound really atmospheric, and the piano is amazing. The drums do need more reverb as it doesn't fit with the rest of the sounds since they have quite a lot of reverb. That bit near the end when the bass changes is awesome.

The drums are also a bit repetitive. It might be nice to add a few variations in somewhere, such as an extra bassdrum or two. The arp at the beginning could also be slightly quieter, but only very slightly.

I think this will do very well in the contest! Good luck to ya ;)

MithyxSounds responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! I really wish I could go back and update this with a slight reverb on the drum. I actually did vary the drums around the middle, but only slightly and it's hard to notice, so I could see why it would still be repetitive. Also yeah, the bass change at the end was my favorite part personally.

Credits & Info

4.51 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2017
1:08 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
5 MB
2 min 12 sec

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