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Market Day (KindLing A0S1)

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The first and only scene of Act 0: Ouverture
12/2/1843, Saturday, Denmark
Lille drums absently on a wooden bench with two twigs she found on her walk from home. The market hasn't opened yet, and she doesn't have a warm enough coat to face the coming cold, but she's out here early nonetheless in her usual attempt to avoid her father.
At last, she spots the first few wagons of goods pulling into the square, and soon enough the market is open and bustling. She dashes through the crowds of customers rapturously, entranced by the vendors' calls and the smells of fresh bread and the gleam of polished jewelry. No one seems to be bothered that a ten-year-old girl is wandering about alone.
As Lille runs out of breath and energy, she slows to a walk and is exiting the market when she feels a single snowflake land on her nose. It continues to snow lightly for a short time as she worries yet again about what the winter will bring, whether she and her family will make it through another year. Eventually, she returns to the action and hurries back through the masses of people, trying to make it out before market closes and the wagons take up all the space on the roads.
Finally, she finds her bench again and begins to drum, waiting for her father to fall asleep so she can go home.

Stats and specs for NGUAC (just in case you want to see them):
Key: G#m - Fm - F#m - Gm - Bbm
BPM: 186 - 144 - 158 - 168 - 186
DAW: Logic Pro X
Plugins: The Giant, Massive, Kontakt 5 Factory Library, Session Strings Pro, Rise and Hit, Damage, Battery 4

[Edit 8.1.17] Hey, 2nd place in the Knockouts! Onward to the final round!

[Edit 9.17.17] Finally got around to cleaning this up a bit: I did what I could to humanize the guitar (which wasn't much, it's not a great sample), gave the solo violin and cello makeovers, took some high end off the synth at 2:04, and made the big ritardando a little less robotic.

Feel free to tell me what you think of this piece in the reviews below, and if you enjoyed, consider following me for more content like this!
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUML90iJ2E9yYyepkTmgqnw
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-739705412
If you'd like to use this or any of my other tracks for non-Geometry Dash purposes, please PM me or email me at miyolophone@gmail.com.

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this is so awsome. i like it so much

The beginning is actually so good, you usually have some generic filler to carry the song to the fun part for the first minute but I downloaded it before the minute mark. LOL. Perfect!

OMG IT GETS SO GOOD. Wow, the song... Very nice job getting it quiet... I can kind of hear a bit of 1nf1n1ty.

EDIT: Usually, in this genre, there is generic filler, but with you, as a creator, I haven't seen it at all. I should've worded it better above.

Miyolophone responds:

Thanks! But I like to think that none of my songs have "generic filler" :(

I quite like the sound of this one. I enjoy the usage of drums, and the tinkle box thing.


Miyolophone responds:

The drums were by far the most fun part haha

Dang dude, you made this sound really good. The violin and guitar sound pretty much real now, and the whole piece is composed really well.
Just one thing: I noticed something going on with the electronic bit (which is also WAY nicer to the ears now): there was some sort of echo after the note ends, where it kinda cuts off then comes back. It may just be a compression issue, but its distracting.
8/8 m8 would play again

btw when's once upon a time (better edition) coming out?

Miyolophone responds:

Oh, yeah, that was actually an intentional level automation + bitcrusher thing that I thought was aesthetically pleasing. Fair enough but I'm probably not going to change it honestly, glad the other changes worked though

april 1st?????

Damn that part at 2:05 was so good. There's a lot that I can learn from your approach to your own music that would help me in mine. That subtle keydrop at 2:31 that is almost unnoticeable was a really nice touch too. The guitar could do with sounding a little more humanised. The velocity of the notes all seems a bit too even. The music box sample is really nice. The violin... viola??? could do with being a lot more humanised too. :) I love your composition style though. Something really special about your work.

Miyolophone responds:

Yeah, totally agree about the humanization on this one... I need to do some revisions but I keep forgetting. Glad you enjoyed though!

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