Glitchtale - Bete Noire


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So yeah, I will start uploading my stuff here again. I haven't uploaded here in years so you will notice a BIG jump in quality from now on. I hope you like it!

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wow. I love it


It sounds like something that should be used in Riddle Transfer 3, if it comes out. For like, the main theme. And it sounds like you're escaping from a giant monster devouring everything in its path. And burning humans alive, then eating them. Or maybe a Geometry Dash level. Also, it sounds awesome. The theme has no issues. The ending is weird, but Glitchtale is awesome, so who cares. Also, upload more songs like this. But... without weird endings, please.

Really cool, but can you upload some of the songs you made during your break from NG? I'd absolutely love to see Bring it On on Newgrounds, one of my favorite songs I've ever heard by you that was sadly made in the span of time when you weren't uploading here. However, it seems like you may not be using NG again, sadly. If you ever see this I'd really appreciate you uploading more to NG, especially that one song. Thanks for reading if you ever do!
Does this qualify as unhelpful? I sure hope not.

Already from the beginning I sense a very dark, eerie, foreboding vibe about this. Then 0:44 changes the atmosphere from ambient and ups the pace quite a bit. You have a good sense of buildup here.

1:16 sounds to me like I'm escaping from something trying to devour me (or a stage trying to devour me). There's an otherworldly, alien feel to it. That lead that comes in after this point might as well sound like you're having Hatsune Miku sing this; it brings that to mind for me, with those grace notes. It feels soulful in comparison to the rest of the piece. Interesting juxtaposition. One that doesn't sound jarring, either. It seems to fit quite well. ^_^

2:17 sounds... a bit bare for my taste, but everything has its place.

2:40 is back to the soulful melody vs the alien background. 3:03 turns it up quite a bit; it sounds more foreboding than soulful there.

I have no complaints about the mixing. Everything seems to be in order there.

3:40-odd, feels like an abrupt ending and 3:59, an even more abrupt ending. No distortion noises; it just pops out. It felt quite strange to me. Did you intend for this to loop?


One thing's for sure: you HAVE certainly upped your quality. I'm nitpicking here and there but otherwise, well done. I quite liked it.

NyxTheShield responds:

Yeah ie ffed up the ending, I think I uploaded the wrong file buuuuuuuut it kinda worked hahahaha Glad you liked it!

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Jul 21, 2017
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