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Jacques Melissa - Screw everything

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Author Comments

I wanted to do the most edgy and provocative song I could ever do. Here are the results. Also my submission for NGUAC!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/D8k5509lO_c
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/honeyb3e/jacques-melissa-screw-everything

Fuck this, fuck that, fuck you, fuck off
Fuck me, fuck her, fuck you, fuck off.
Fuck it, fuck those, fuck you, fuck no
Get the fuck out with the weak shit boi

Fuck school, fuck job, fuck education.
Fuck rules, fuck job and civilization
Fuck me, fuck you, can you please fuck off?

And most importantly: fuck your mom.

Pretty deep, eh? Haha.
About the title: So, judging from lyrics, I don't think I really need the explain the title here. However, I should clarify that there are two types of fuck-everything-days: the ones when you simply don't care about anything and those days when you feel like everything's against you. Mania and depression, as they can be called. Both can be brutally dangerous when they're too intensive but unless we're talking about the disorder itself, most of the time they're just normal parts of our lives. This is about the first one, the happy phase of your life. Me, I am pretty happy now. I believe it's not arrogant to say that damn, do I feel fucking happy now. Everything else that is against me, can kindly fuck off.

Oh now, someone is disrupting my epic speech? Who is it? Ah... Shameless advertising again..

Warning: shameless advertising ahead!


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djhoneyb responds:


This is a catchy and fun piece. I think the first problem I noticed is that the texture sounds very thin - for example, at :09 the instrumental could just use a lot more fill. The mastering is actually pretty strong, but I think you could’ve used some pads or denser harmonies to eliminate some of the minimalism that pervades a lot of this piece. The piece is very repetitive after a while, and the comedic value of it doesn’t exactly convince me to take it seriously as a stand-alone composition. It also has an abrupt ending and, while the theme and mood are amusing, the instrumental doesn’t actually have a lot of moving notes. Overall, I liked it. I laughed. I had a good time. But I think you need to do a lot more with the composition in order to get full credit in the “melody/harmony/texture” category. Keep at it, Djhoneyb. ;)


djhoneyb responds:

thanks for the criticism! I'll keep your points in mind when I am doing more songs.

Also glad you laughed haha, it's supposed to have a little comical value, but certainly it isn't totally a joke song.


== This is an official NGUAC Review ==


Okay so I have to say, I don't think I've ever heard a song that is so all over the place. Some parts make me kind of sad, like the really bare and hard velocity piano that plays by itself at points. On the other hands, some parts of this song are just freaking amazing, like the builds to the drop and the drops themselves. Let me just talk about how cool the drops are for a bit. They are just so interesting - they have so many elements working on harmony. I think that's a particularly difficult thing to get down, it already sounds in your track awesome, and I can't wait to hear what your stuff sounds like as you continue to refine your skills!

Not only that, but I really have difficulty categorizing this track, it's so unique. It's not trap, not dance, not dubstep, not glitch... It's so weird and unique, but so enjoyable to listen to! I don't really give bonus points for stuff I've never heard before, but this track probably got a higher score unconsciously since the uniqueness makes it a more enjoyable listen.

I feel like the vocals are pretty good, but are also a bit of a missed opportunity. Like the education/civilization rhyme line has a really great rhythm to it, and I wish you carried it on further - but then the next few lines are so rhythmically flat that I wonder if it was just a mistake or something. A lot of the words sound weirdly cut off, which definitely doesn't help the rhythm either.

While I'm complaining, there are a few other things that really bug me. Like I mentioned before, the piano is a giant freaking sore thumb, mainly because of the tone, but also because it sounds like it's being played by a robot. You could just remove it entirely from this song and improve it, but I'd recommend varying the loudness of the piano and varying up the tone a little better to get a tone that fits better in the song. The crash cymbal, also, is a bit of a problem - it's far too dry. Perhaps more reverb could help here.

But in summary? The best part of this track is that it's just enjoyable to listen to. The mix is exactly in the right spot, the rhythms are funky and fresh, it's got a groove, the vocal chops are just going bonkers, it's just FUN.

Mini-scores (not used to calculate final score in any way - just so you know what needs improvement):

Arrangement: 4/4
Composition: 3+/4
Sound Design: 3+/4
Production: 4/4

Overall: 8.9

djhoneyb responds:

yeah the vocals were like "let's make something bizarre and offending, this is seriously a good idea lol" and the next day I released it I was like "lol it totally wasn't a good idea"

Cheers for the positive feedback, I will definitely consider these next time I do stuff. Thaaanks

Wow. You actually read my mind with these lyrics XD Great job, Jacques, you made me move ;p ~Skiddle

whew vulgar language used repeatedly and the lyrics is pretty much hard to hear for me lol.
this is still cool tho

djhoneyb responds:

yeah the vocals are badly mixed, I know. Still wanted to keep them, you know, just for the vulgarity.

Credits & Info


4.46 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2017
6:54 PM EDT
File Info
6 MB
2 min 39 sec

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