-=LJC=- Atonal Rythmic Noise

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The title pretty much sums it up - love it or hate it


wow, random objects everywhere

this was really unique sounding experimental track. love the samples you use in here. the rhythms were complex yet flowed and added a nice spice to the track. it was really awesome all the way through. this sounds sweet! I can only imagine how much time you put into this track-my brain would explode if I would try to compose a piece like this. amazing man!

LJCoffee responds:

Nah - no exploding brains - basically you just bash on a keyboard and run that through any old synth that was wired together by a drunken autistic monkey.

Quantize it a little and compress it and this is the result ;)

Thanks for taking the time to review it!

Well-done experimental

Love the experimental stuff when it's well done! The triplets and offbeat hits you kept throwing in gave a surprisingly well-balanced unpredictable edge to the track. The rhythm changes kept the track interesting despite there being no real melody.

The tempo change later in the song though was a bit too much for me. It sounded a bit forced and seemed to cut up what you had going. The transition itself was a bit muddled unfortunately.

Other than that, the sound production/mixing was delicately done. The mix of percussion didn't get annoying or overpowering, as can definitely happen in tracks like this. Great job overall!

You might like my tracks Broken Bones and Lemonsalt, let me know what you think if you get a chance.

LJCoffee responds:

I'm not familiar with either Broken Bones or Lemonsalt but I'll put them on my "keep an eye out for it" list.

This was just another in a series of experiments that end up getting posted on NG.

Thank you for taking the time to review it and I'll definitely try to incorporate all of the advice into the next track(s).

I don't get it

I like to think I understand the idea of making things musically challenging, so I appreciate The sound, it's superb, clean and poignant, but the time signature change seems like its put in there because you can, rather than because it makes for good listening. I enjoy it, a lot, don't get it perhaps, but good stuff nonetheless, doesn't have that killer line though, it's a trk to listen to once and be impressed, then ignore imo.

LJCoffee responds:

The tempo changes are in there for exactly that reason - I could, so I did.

If you listened once and was impressed at all then it's served it's purpose.

Some of the experimental stuff works - some of it doesn't - you know how that goes - I imagine that something like this could be either cleaned up, added to and extended or shortened up for use as either a transition piece or filler on a CD.

Thanks for listening though - and thanks for giving me your honest remarks.

Maybe the next one will be catchy enough to stick in your pants and wiggle around for a while :D

Overall, I really enjoyed this

I think a better name would be "Disjointed Arhythmic Noise".

As someone else mentioned, this could be a lot more atonal. I felt it had nearly as much harmonising as your usual stuff. Mainly because of the little melody that we hear a snippet of at 8s and then later comes back at around 26s to remain as the backbone, pretty much.

There were some disharmonies, sure, but it (to me) kinda seemed to centre on that key.

Also, it really isn't as rhythmic as it could be. I mean about half-way through, you start breaking it up, pausing the rhythm... and then you speed it up! I suppose it does have a rhythm - just not a constant one.

Was listening to this whilst testing out my new build of the country wordsearch game. I found myself really enjoying this - specially the sped-up parts, which made me try and type as fast as I could to keep up with the rhythm!

Question - do you actually increase the tempo constantly as the last part continues? Or is it just adding new beats?

I'm personally not a big fan of the break-up half-way through.

If I'm being ultra-pernickety, the buzzing sound at 37s wasn't to my liking. And there were a few other points I maybe could say, "that's not a particularly nice sound" about, but that's kinda part of the charm of this piece.

Anyway, I really, really dug the last half, as I said, where it speeds up.

I'm gonna shoot an e-mail&PM your way to ask you something.

Great track. The reason I'm not giving it a higher mark isn't necessarily because of any shortcoming, but basically once I give marks above 8, it's more about being 'brilliant and making me grin, laugh, feel a shiver of beauty, whatever...' rather than simply being 'flawless'.

Just wanted to mention that as I'm sure I'll be reviewing much more of your stuff soon. So basically, to be above an 8, it needs to REALLY 'wow' me.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and it was certainly original for the portal. In fact, the slight lack of 'atonal' qualities may have helped my enjoyment.

LJCoffee responds:

Disjointed Arhythmic Noise - it probably would have been a better name!

to answer your question - the tempo is being increased from 110 to about 150 or so over the last half.

I have two slightly different versions of this as well as a set of support sounds taken from this piece that can be used on thier own as interface noise - button clicks and so forth - I'll be finishing those up soon and I'll get an email to you so that you can do what you need to do with them on your end.


haha title

This track is sure glitchy- especially in the beginning it sounded like a song and then a loop from another song thrown into that, but after this sure strange part it is a lot better. Though I still can't seem to be able to follow this weirdo track.
Loved the crazy chord synths you used to make this track though.


LJCoffee responds:

Thanks SBB - I guess it is sort of a wierdo track isn't it? I get bored and I start playing with things - I start wiring up little bits and pieces inside of Reaktor and this is the sort of thing that falls out the other end.
Those "crazy chord synths" are getting dumped out of vocoders that are modulating a straight synths with a couple of drum sequencers.

I dunno either :D

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Feb 27, 2007
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