Tale Of A Scion (NGADM)

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---This is a re-upload. Spent some more time trying to fine tune sounds and make certain parts more present since the deadline was extended. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the first upload and I hope it sounds a bit better now!---

Well, this is my first time in the NGADM, and the amount of diversity I've seen from all of the entries so far is amazing. Best of luck to everyone involved and thank you for all the great new music so far :D

I have been playing a ton of FFXIV:A Realm Reborn lately, and have always been a fan of the Final Fantasy series. This piece is inspired by the main story questline of FFXIV, and follows the protagonist as they discover what it means to bear the burden of great power and responsibility. In an attempt to avoid spoilers, I've given the sections titles instead of writing a description:

0:00 - 0:50 - Crystal Bearer
0:51 - 1:22 - The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
1:23 - 1:55 - Capture // Assault on Castrum Centri
1:56 - 2:39 - Escape! The Flight of the Enterprise
2:40 - 3:02 - A Realm Reborn

Feel free to message me for the full description / story of the song :)

(Headphones recommended)


I like the dreamy piano at the beginning. The string entrance is gorgeous, even if you could’ve used a stronger transition there. Your samples are really high quality, and the production is really clean here. I love the melodic content here, but I think some of the ornaments (:57, for example) added a bit too much of a frantic undertone to the wonderful texture here. I really like the direction this piece is going by around 1:15 - it’s getting much darker. The minimalism at 1:55 is pure genius, although I don’t like how the rhythmic string riff cuts out suddenly at 2:17. I also think you needed a smoother transition at 2:39. You could really benefit from fleshing out the structure here. The piece lacks coherence, and the pacing is very fast. It’s not a long piece as it is, so I think it’s worth the 1-minute investment in transitory content to give this piece some more flow. Other than that, fantastic work. You really won me over with the sound design and mood. Keep it up, TolanMusic! ;)


Tolanmusic responds:

Thank you very much!! I agree with your critiques 100%. I really had some trouble with transitory ideas for 2:39 in particular. There was so much more I wanted to do with this piece but so little time! Such is the nature of the competition I guess :D

the opening is reallllllllllllll beautiful.

the chromatic falling stuff in the end of the 3rd section is really cool.

but i feel like the piece lacks coherency? i know that the point was to make 5 separate sections, but it kinda sounds almost like 5 separate songs...

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Tolanmusic responds:

Thanks john, I really enjoyed your piece as well! I'd be curious to hear what made it incoherent for you; was it melody, instrument choice, or something else? Your feedback and tips are always appreciated!

I can hear improvements compared to the previous verison. In fact, this sounds a lot more touching to me.

Tolanmusic responds:

Thanks!! Glad it's sounding better! Still have much to learn about mixing/mastering..

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