The City Sleeps

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Submission for NGADM round 1, genre: trap~

Wew, completely forgot the exact deadline - wasn't able to clean up some of stereo issues due to lacking working headphones for the last couple days, hope it doesn't matter too much.

For everyone who doesn't really care about the above, hope you enjoy this :)

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I'm picking up a lot of middle-eastern and hindi vibes here, but you've got some distortion in your mix from over-compressing the crap out of it. The progression is good, and so is the writing, and I'm really digging it, but that's your major detractor. Take off the sausage fattening diabetes and all the EQ on your master, go back, fix each track individually, re-master it then come back and give me the business. ;)

The synth at the beginning wasn’t my favorite - sounds a bit unpolished (too much treble) and might also be a bit generic. I did enjoy the progression by around :30, though - has a cool ominous mood, and I like the echoey percussion at :38. The quirky instrument at :57 is nice, although the kick there could’ve been a lot stronger and clearer. I also thought the lead at 1:36 was a little too loud. I did enjoy the breakdown section at 1:55, although I thought the rhythm in the percussion at 2:15 was a bit too intricate without anything else to play off of. Honestly, the melodies could’ve been stronger too. The vocal samples starting at around 3:30 work well, but the end cuts off really suddenly. Unfortunately, I can tell this was a really rushed piece, but I still like the mood, atmosphere, and progression. Keep at it, Malifex. ;)


You do know trap is a genre that Newgrounds offers, right? I mean the system is dinky but it at least has trap

You have good command in drum design. Every hit pops right out the mix just as it should, giving your track a lot of power and headbangableness(?). The sounds also compliment your drums very well.

I'll be honest, I was not expected 2:52. Nice surprise :) You've done a really nice amount of variation in the sound without losing the overall connection, which is great. Your transitions really help smooth all of that out.

One thing I was hoping to hear was a bit more dynamic variation. At this point pretty much every section is loud. Part of that is that you never switch the drums out where appropriate - if you make the drums softer where the song should be softer, you'd easily achieve a good level of dynamic variation, especially since those down sections have pretty overpowering drums at the moment.

Overall though pretty good work! Good luck in the compo. :)

dang, like the last guy, i also wanted it to go on in the end. you get into this reall nice groove and then it just cuts out ;_;

hehe i recognize that riser at :11 from FL =p

a lot of the sound design doesnt totally work for me, obvious problem is 1:50 with those awkward vocal thingies.

BUT the melody is really great and the overall beat and mix is excellent. i just wish you would have looped that beat towards the end more haha with more of that crazy japanese (?) spoken word thing.

Malifex responds:

You have no idea how much it means to me to hear this. Thanks a bunch :v

Yeah, I experimented a lot with this song--not all of it paying off, though I'm happy to hear that the Japanese thing worked--and ended up running out of time lmfao. I'd made a test outro that Ive uploaded, but wasn't really happy with it lol

Amazing work man!!! I wanted it to keep going at the end!!!

Malifex responds:

thanks man, greatly appreciate it :>

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Jul 10, 2017
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