Emergency [not so loudd]

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ok the beat is not so uncomfortably loud anymore.


A pretty well done composition.

Nice and swell. Great use of guitar man. Gotta love that Fruity slayer ;3 Here's the blow by blow:

1. Nice flowing intro. Good job fading it in.
2. Okay.. way too abrupt of an intro o.O Kinda scared the crap out of me. That felt way too fast. Usually, it think it's better easing things in than just presenting like "BAM! Here you go!"
3. Love the beats. I think the kick is a bit too punchy for this song, though. It should be a little bit more blunt, so as not to make it sound too annoying. I think it's a bit annoying, but it flows well wtih the beat, and whatever floats your boat when it comes to making the drums :D
4. I like the immediate drop down you used to give the guitar its own little solo.
5. The synths are very well done. Although, a little bit too loud. As well as the other guitar. That one is way too high in pitch and volume for my ears. -1 here D:
6. Love the hi-hats. Good rhythm.
7. The snare could use a little bit more volume.
8. Your volume control feels all out of whack... and it's kind of frustrating. It gets loud, then lowers down to about medium, back to loud, soft, loud.... it gives me a bit of a head ache. It's not bad, but I think you should control it better, so you don't have this problem in future songs.
9. Variation with the drums are well created. The patterns are pretty decent.
10. You did pretty well. I like the song. Very upbeat.


Okay... Main problem: volume control on the synths and the sounds (drums not included. They sound fine). That is making it hard for me to listen to it without cringing at it a little bit. I think the way you introduce the drums with the synths was too early and too quick. Easing things in gives it a better flow of what you're trying to present. I believe that high pitched guitar near the end should be farther in the background. It's too loud and too high pitched to be in the forefront of the song. Lower that down some levels and you're golden. Good job, nonetheless. I really like it. Keep practicing! Keep it real, mate~



I like all the percussion stuff, sounds really cool

LfunkeyA responds:



I liked it better when it make your eardrums bleed. Othat than that.. *flips off* oops wrong figer... *thumbs up*

LfunkeyA responds:

watch your ears now. thanks again.


There yah go! It's pretty tight now, the drums feel a little more dynamic now. What program do you use for making you music? If you use FL Studio, maybe I could help you mix? You've got composition down for sure!



LfunkeyA responds:

i use FL too, but i find it difficult to come up with good melodies these, it's like i only think of the beat, which isn't good. anyways thanks for the review.

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Feb 26, 2007
6:32 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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