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EDIT: clear ya cache, i added BASS
EDIT2: added embellishments, *very* minor tweaks. done now!

ngadm thing. would've liked to have fleshed this out more and maybe check that the mix is actually passable but ehhh

just fyi: i really fkn love that bad twee flute sample and you will never be able to make me stop using it <3 pce xoxo

oh yeah LYRICS n stuff, right:
we were always told that we were the future
but we were born to be slaves
and now all of our dreams have been relinquished
locked behind the gates that someone else's parents made

and now our limbs are frail from eating shit and lying down
and now we're told that we're spoiled
we're fed on fairy tales of stable jobs to tie us down
until we're nothing without our toil

p.s. still making new music every day in 2017 btw lol https://soundcloud.com/midimachine

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man such a sad song.. I always thought you are one of the more positive uplifting people around here and didn't expect this.. But here we go, same old story I hear everyday from all of my peers, reminded again :D god damit

Love that you keep up the signature style.

Best of luck

I like the atmosphere at the beginning. I’m enjoying the sense of climax into :55. The vocals are really clean, and give a lot of character to the piece. I wasn’t a huge fan of some of your instrument choices, like the generic-sounding percussion at 1:34. This piece has a lot of shape and passion, but I’m not always a fan of the one-climax model: the pacing is very slow, and the structure could use a little more fleshing out. I also recognize many of your synths, drum samples, and risers from your previous work - while I don’t think it’s quite fair to take off points for that, I do encourage you to expand your horizons a bit stylistically. The production quality is fantastic here, though. There’s a really rich and full texture throughout, and the instruments all blend really well together. Great atmosphere and mood too. Keep at it, Midimachine! ;)


midimachine responds:

i'm literally just gonna delete all the sequences and automation from this and re-use the project file as a template for the rest of the competition

haha nah jk

or am i?


Damn mr midimachine. For the amount of ludicrous and hilarious trolling you do, I'm surprised to hear such a sincere piece of music from you. This is great and your singing (your singing, right?), is really good too! Would love to hear the vocals pick up a little after the drop, whether it be by changing up the melody or jumping an octave, but it still works how it is. Great work

midimachine responds:

there is a time for all things under the sun :^)
jk it's TROLLING TIME BABY hahahahaha ok i'm bored now

Here from R4R

- I really really like the tone of this whole track
- The progression is awesome
- The percussion and percussive effects are really great
- The vocals are done well :D

- The piano and flute in the beginning are pretty quiet
- The kick needs more punch to it at the drop. Try boosting the highs there
- The mix in general needs a little work. A lot of little adjustments here and there really add up to make the mix sound great

All in all, this is an awesome track, I enjoy your style a lot! Keep going with this stuff, this is good

i like the direction you are going in

which is to say i like moody pianos

probably one of my favorite NGADM pieces i've heard so far if not my favorite. JUST FIX THE MIX

midimachine responds:

i might have time to fix it tomorrow, fingers crossed :v
(update: i fixed it)

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Jul 9, 2017
12:43 PM EDT
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