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All I Got - The Final Chapter


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All I Got. - The Final Chapter in the Book of Alkima.

Sonik: "My verse isn't the finest it could be but it's not about perfecting a craft, this one is for the first time, about a message, I've also chosen to leave the lyrics as I originally made them usually I would omit swearing but not this time. This song sat in my FL Studio for a long time, now I think is the right time to release the Alkima version of this track

To Synthgoddess, my apologies I didn't know which instrumental this one was originally called but I have credited you all the same."

Another song with synthgoddess, she makes good stuff and I'm personally proud of the songs we've made with her so be sure to check her out yeah? I personally think Coldsweat (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/568379) was Alkima's finest track

To all the fans of Alkima, we both have never ending love for all our fans past present and future.

Everything I am
Everything I was
Everything I thought I was gonna be is changing me because
I am
The product of my actions
The product of my thoughts
when it's all been said and done man
The Products all I got


You'd best wake up
cause ya dreams are not over yet
this is fucking bullshit
you fade away to a silhouette
you gonna quit
be a bitch
then you get treated like one
so get up and run
like you're being chased by the sun
you'll be left in the dust
due to your own sloth
my armours made of iron
why the fuck is yours made of cloth
gear up
cause there's work to be done
you used to fight like a solider you would move like there's a war to be won
what you've become now
is nothing short of sad
just be honest look me say that your goals were a fad
just another wanna be
as pedestrian as the street
thought you were invincible
but now you've been beat
so its back to start screen
insert a coin to carry on
climbing ladders
dont give up treat the world like it's donkey kong
You know right from wrong
So i'ma leave it up to you
farewell my brother
i pray your dreams come true one day too

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Honestly amazing, something you'd stumble upon thinking it'd be famous. The sound quality is brilliant and the lyrics are great and have good flow

You of all people ought to know I haven't given up. Message me on Skype, I'll explain more.


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Jul 3, 2017
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