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Battle In The Halls

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*UPDATE - July 11th, 2017*
Wow! I got frontpaged! This is truly the mark of my best work...and it's often not the songs that I think will get there. With this one, I knew I had something pretty decent, and I've gotten a couple comments on how I mixed it that made me doubt myself...but I kept what I had because I know that I've listened to this piece for hours in innumerable variations before I settled on this mix. It seems to have worked, this time!

Now I hope it's good enough to beat @ThaPredator in the NGADM. Kid's got talent for days, and I'm still not confident that I'll take him down.


Tried my hand at something I can only recall doing once before - STADIUM ROCK!

This was done in my DAW with my standard equipment. One acoustic/electric guitar, one microphone, and whatever built-in plugins I could scrounge up in my DAW. I did, however, add the MeldaProductions free suite of plugins to my repertoire, and made extensive use of their excellent compressor in this piece.

Here are the lyrics:

Well if you’ve got a country,
I’ve bled for her sometimes

And if you’ve got a family,
I’ve seen their hardest times

I’ve stood around your tribal moots
And watched you grow your feeble roots
I’ve spent ten thousand years alone
beyond your point of view

Well if you’ve got some money
I’ve seen it poorly spent

And if you’ve got a tapestry
I’m sure to see it rent

I’m always omnipresent
But you’re never sure that I was ever there

And if you find you’re hungry
I’ll see to it you’re fed

And if you think you’re purposeless
I’ll see to it you’re lead

I’ve spent my time observing you
and from my prescient point of view
you’ve got another dream or two
you’d better get on soon

I’ve countered all your demons
And knocked them off your shelves

I’ve watched you stand with glowing eyes
Until you become demons yourselves.

I’ve stood upon your walls
I’ve battled in your halls of industry.

And I’ll still be standing here
Long after you’re gone

And everything that’s so important
is nothing but a yawn

You’ll fade into oblivion
but I’ll just keep on going then
until the world comes round again
and everything is new

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Hello! Time for your review of a few points I think could be improved. ***I DO NOT REVIEW LYRICS, JUST THE MUSIC***

Points of Goodness:
-That vocal processing, man. That's good. Same for the guitar.
-Excellent guitar noodling for the chords.
-Overall feel of the song is solid.

Points of Improvement:
-The growling quality of the vocals does get tiring after awhile.
-The mixing of the guitar solo and off-key sound of it really hurts that section for me - particularly when the rest of it is relatively on point.
-Ending did not feel like an ending. Definitely needs a bit more conclusion to it.
-The song seems too long and too stagnant overall. It seems stretched out further than it really needed for the ideas it contains.


I like the smooth, easygoing vibe at the beginning. However, I don’t think that vibe meshed very well with the vocals - there was a lot of vocal layering/chorus effects that gave the vocals a really gruff sound. It just seemed a little overdone in that regard. I don’t think my issue is with the vocals themselves, just the way they were mixed. They probably need to have the high-mids boosted a little, just to give them a bit more distinction and avoid the gruff overtone. The pacing is good, and I like the lyrics a lot. The mix could use some sharpening - the weak snare especially caught my attention. I really like the solos at around 2:28, but I think they drag on for a bit too long. The second half of the piece also doesn’t feel too climactic. I know this is a long piece already, but it felt like you ended it right after a verse - it just wasn’t very conclusive in its instrumental content. I’ve picked at some smaller details here, but overall I admire your organic sound design and sense of flow and harmony. Keep at it, Ceevro! :)


Ceevro responds:

Thanks. I lost by .03, which tells me that those tiny details can make all the difference!

ugh this is really good but the vocal treatment bothers me, it seems like you did some sort of funky vocal processing that makes them sound weird! other than that, it's great - the acoustic guitar, the melodies, there's lots to like!

Ceevro responds:

Oh, I treated the crap out of the vocals. I wanted to sounds slightly...off. Not quite human. There was a reason for it!

Hopefully it didn't work too far out of my favour!

Always a pleasure, man. This is awesome.

Ceevro responds:

Glad you enjoyed! That's why I do it!

One word. Goosebumps. :D
Best of luck to you, man!

Ceevro responds:

Here's hoping it's enough! ThaPredator is damn good! Everyone who made it is!

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4.79 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2017
2:40 PM EDT
Classic Rock
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9.5 MB
5 min 11 sec

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