Super Slushi

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Some future bass with a kawaii style. Hope yall get a good summer vibe going!

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Found this by looking for a Slushii x Marshmello - Twinbow remix. I'm satisfied with this. GOnna use it for Geometry Dash if you don't mind ;) It says it's allowed for use!

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GobSmacked responds:

awesome! Hit me up when u r done, wanna see it :)!

Holy hell this was cool.

GobSmacked responds:

thanks alot man

* This is an official NGUAC 2017 review *

Overall I definitely enjoyed this one. It's so whimsical! But let me go more in depth...

Mixing, Mastering, and Production: Super clean mix. I didn't feel like there was mud anywhere and for the most part things were balanced well. But a clean mix is only part of the equation. There some volume balances I wasn't a fan of. The first drop at :27 is pretty shocking - a significant volume increase and sudden instruments panned far to the right and left. This is not inherently BAD - but the problem is it's unfairly unexpected. When you're writing a song, you know when the drop is going to be. You know exactly how it's going to play out. But the listener, especially on that first listen, doesn't. During the introduction of the Super Slushi I adjusted my volume to be able to hear everything comfortably. When the drop hit I had to pause and readjust my volume; while it was a comfortable volume to listen to the intro to, it was too loud for the drop.
The reason this is 'unfair' is because when I'm setting my volume the only context I have is the introductory section; I can't possibly know when the drop will be and how loud it is. Because the intro and the drop have such a significant volume and panning difference, there's no way I can be listening at a volume that's perfect to appreciate the drop, at least until I've listened to the drop once. But if I have to pause the song and readjust the volume at a moment that's so crucial and built up to (the drop), then it really takes me out of the song emotionally.
A way to solve this is to volume match those first two sections a bit better. Once you've done a drop, once you've hit a loud section of your song, then AFTER that you could very reasonably drop things down to a very low volume, build up and drop again. At that point, my ears and brain are prepared for the loudness.
Other than that I felt like the drop sections could have use some more bass in the bass instrument itself. The sub-bass frequencies were actually fine, but the rest of it was sort of lackluster. So pump up that 125-300Hz region a bit on your bass instrument and really get that satisfying meaty bass sound!

In terms of creative mixing, things were generally good. Good use of reverb, delay, fades and panning. The main reason I didn't give you a higher score on this part was because none of your effects really went above and beyond. They were all successful, but never very unexpected or super original.

Mastering was solid, no real tips there. I think I should've actually given you a bit of a higher score!

Composition: Very original piece, masterful use of vocal samples. I felt the drop sections were a little thin. If there had just been...more in those sections I would have loved them. The melody I enjoyed a lot, but I felt like it was overused - it made Super Slushi a bit of a monothematic piece. I would've liked to hear some variety in the melody, especially in the verses. That melody works great in the drop sections, but then to hear it again in-between the drops isn't very refreshing.
The structure was good, no real problems there, but it also wasn't anything special. Quiet intro, drop, build, drop, quiet ending. I've heard it on a million different dubstep songs before. I did enjoy your double-paced rhythm section at 1:49; that definitely added some nice, unexpected variety.

Overall, a decently constructed song, I just would've liked some more variety in the melody and structure.

Looking forward to hearing what you come up with for the Knockout Round!

Finn M-K

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GobSmacked responds:

Ay first of all thanks for the review! Uhm yeah I shouldve "prepared" the listener for the first drop a tad more for sure. And yeah the main theme and melody got repetative very quickly imma try to mix in more variety and also make them drops *T H I C C E R*. ;3!!!

I love this! One thing: some of the basses feel really odd to me. The sound design is really juicy, but they just feel really out of place. Other than that, good job!

GobSmacked responds:

Oh ok yeah I experimented with the Reese growl things and I thought it would fit the flow i shouldve toned it down a little more!

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