Lockyn - Searching (Mithyx Remix)

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I love how dark and ambient and reverby this is. It's almost hard to believe that this originated with a cute, happy tune like searching :)
And wow! I didn't expect to see a remix of Searching that was just published less than a month before I did mine xD. It's really interesting how we both had our own very unique takes and impressions of the same song and how the same exact song can envoke different moods, like how you heard Searching and thought of this remix in your head, and how I did with mine exactly the same, but the results are very unique and different. I'm probably over analyzing but I think my point is across xD you can check mine out if you want :)

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MithyxSounds responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you dig the mood change! Also, I'll definitely check yours out :D

* This is an official NGUAC 2017 review *

Overall, good times all around. Really solidly produced electrochill. On to specifics...

Mixing, mastering and production: I really don't have too much bad to say here. One of the only things of note is that the bass sounds great. It's thick and clean, deep and satisfying. Buuuuuut...it's pretty wearing on the ears. Since there's never a point where it's 'off', it's just wide, deep, thickness for 3 and a half minutes, which gives the listener a bit of a headache. Some variety in the bass would fix that, or having some dynamic changes where the bass is lighter and non-existent.
If I'm being really nitpicky, the piano sounded a little too obviously virtual. You mixed it and reverbed it the best you could, I think - the only solution would be a better piano vst. I highly recommend VI Labs True Keys (not a paid endorsement or anything!).

Otherwise, good use of panning, solid EQing, good volume balance on everything, nice punchy kick. Nicely done!

Composition: I think for what your remix is going for in terms of atmosphere, emotion, goals, etc. it achieves them fairly well. I just was never wowed or pleasantly surprised by them, which is why I gave scores between 8-9 for those sections. The remix has great texture, solid atmosphere, and a healthy dose of originality compared to Lockyn's original, but I was never truly wowed by anything in those sections.
Your melodies were good - subtle, not overpowering, etc. My problem with them is that they sounded very similar the entire way through. Little synth or piano plucks with some delay and reverb - that describes every melody in the remix. I would've liked to hear more variety not necessarily in the composition of the melodies, but in the instrumentation.
Structure and progression were a little flat to me. That is sort of the nature of deep chill, so I didn't dock much off for it, but like the melodies I could've stood to hear more variety. The addition of the countermelody synth at 2:49 helped here, but I still think the track would have been improved with more little touches like that. The balance here would be to add touches that don't take away from the hypnotic vibe you've achieved, but instead enhance it with little subtle touches.

Overall, solid stuff!

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MithyxSounds responds:

Holy crap dude, I never get reviews this detailed! Thank you a million times!

So yeah, the droning bass probably could give someone a headache. I actually haven't given my piano a lot of thought. I'll take a look at True Keys, thanks for the recommendation. I really didn't spend as much time as I should have on the atmosphere and texture.

Thanks again though for the detailed review, I appreciate it ;)

super crisp - great work, keep it up!

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MithyxSounds responds:

Lockyn himself! Thanks dude! :D

Nice vibe ~ ~ ~ ~ 'wavy chill feel'
Something though - in some sections of the song there are many overlapping bass frequencies, and it gives a tiny dislike to the listener.
Your style really shines through!

- Just listened to the original. I like this version much better - you got rid of the 'cheesy lockyn style'
Nice remix

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MithyxSounds responds:


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