Kytoon - Stay in Kansas City


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This song is about and old friend I spent two years bitterly obsessing about after I was ditched for greener pastures. I tried to purge all the internalized anger, jealousy, and depression from that period into this tune. This is from my debut EP titled "Homesick!"


Hey old friend
If you're hearing this then you know who you are
I've got a vendetta
I'd call you out by name but I wont go that far
And this isn't a love song
I'm holding a grudge that's poisoning my mind
I want none of your pity
So I'm not being subtle, you are better off
Just stay in Kansas City

Sorry I didn't join your band and left for Tennessee
But you stayed without me
All it would have took was your apology
I know why you didn't
So you treat me like a creep, can't do me the courtesy
I'm not worth the effort
You don't give a shit and I crossed the bridge you burned
Stay in Kansas City

You are better off
Stay in Kansas City

Jealous, I'll admit that I want to wear your shoes
And I'm thinking about you
I see you everywhere, I never got to choose
I hear you talking
I see what you do
You're just a black sheep with a whole lot to prove
Enjoy it while you can
I hope you crash and burn
Down in Kansas City

I hope you crash and burn
Down in Kansas city

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GhostLawyer responds:


I feel like you have been slightly off my radar for a while now. Let's fix that: YOU ARE NOW FIRMLY IN THE CENTER OF MY RADAR. This song is amazing. Amazing singing, amazing sound design, amazing composition, amazing progressions. If I were to list attributes that I like about it, I'd just list the entire song.

One of the best things I've heard on NG in a while.

GhostLawyer responds:

Thanks man! Glad to have ya aboard this musical journey.

The vocals are really smooth and catchy - also kinda creepy in a way given the lyrics. I think the instrumental is a little minimalistic, though, and perhaps the vocals are just a little too loud. The drums could also stand to be a little more upfront in the mix, mirroring the hard-hitting vibe of the lyrics. Overall, I really like it, though. Well-structured, smooth-flowing, cool atmosphere and synths. This is a piece that’s got a lot of character to it, and I think that’s my favorite element of it. Keep up the good work, GhostLawyer!


GhostLawyer responds:

Thank you!


I love the lyrics for this song! They sounds very 'real' :'3
That is also enhanced by the catchy and atmospheric melody, and the awesome instrumental. Wonderful job as always, Michael :D!

GhostLawyer responds:

¡Muchos gracias!

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