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You got inspired (I also know from where but I keep forgetting names) you started working, you did good - until the end.


However, on the fine points you should keep yourself to etelik cos I'm looking from a more artistisc perspective than a technical perspective.

I think you'll improve if you keep release tunes. Just do it and ask for advice whereever you can

I will be so bold and try to make a "walkthrough" review:
The track starts of immediatley with a beautiful hook, a very sweet melody that is introduced with acompanied by a pad, that gets a bit too much attention. Latter could be more simple, simplicity can be key. As soon as the Drums set in, I am suddenly torn out of the sweetnes, as the drums could belong to an intense EDM track. Afterwards follow more guitar riffs, that swirl around our main hook. At this point I'd like to know more about how this track was created, and if the creator played the instrument, probably a guitar, by himself. If so, you should consider checking the tuning at least every 10-15 minutes while tracking, else you can quickly get into hells kitchen.
Despite these riffs being gracefully composed, in the mix they stand in the way of each other and the main melody. At this point you could've chosen a different sound, or use an EQ, to solve that bit of a problem.
The drum fills that come in at 01:11 and later, could've needed more time and work put into it. Not only do some of the sounds don't fit the whole rest of the track, some of the fills are missing the impact that they need.
I am now halfway through the song, and over the time, the two chords that were used throughout this whole time got a bit too repetitive. It would do no harm to keep the melody, and try to experiment with another chords, fitting to it. This could bring a bit of more 'dynamics' into the whole track. Starting at 01:56 another part begins, and with it a weird melody, that uses the minor third of our current F-major harmony. At this point, "chill" gets destroyed, and creepyness sets in. After that parts seem to repeat one after another, a clear form isn't recognizable, and the track ends with the sweet melody it started wi -WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT SOUND EFFECT AT THE END? Why in the world would you do that? Just let the melody flow out and let it sink in. No need for an Hardcore Electro drop!

Some Mixing problems were already mentioned, but I think a lot can be solved by making space for each other by using EQ and proper balancing. Did you know? You can, and definitaley should use compressors to make an instrument/track more dynamic! Try it out and play with attack and release settings and see how your instrument/tracks behave. It can do more than just squashing things together and make everything flat and boring. And that is what unfortunately happened with your "mastering". Slapping a Limiter (or soundgoodizer) on the master, and just cranking the knob does not help your track at all, it ruins it.

PancakePocket responds:

Wow.. Such Detail! Thanks For The Advice And Review :)

Not Bad.

PancakePocket responds:


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Jun 11, 2017
10:08 PM EDT
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