{Losing Touch}

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Happy hardcore... =) I'm kinda mad cause my CPU was like 98 and I had to cut it short :(


CPU Problems? That's too bad. =(

Still, though, I can barely THINK of making a song as good as this, anyway, and you did a pretty good job with this. If you nearly maxed out your CPU, that means you must have been trying hard in my opinion... 10 under effort for you. ;)

Your melody is pretty good, and I can see why you'd call the song happy hardcore though I wouldn't call it that. This actually reminds me of your song Flying Away a bit. One other thing is when the lead synth changes for the second time, it sounds offbeat, though it's definitely a good attempt at creative rhythms. ;)

Your harmonies are good, though lacking. I'm assuming you weren't finished with them and would have made them even better than they were if it weren't for the CPU. Still, they're well-done.

Your percussion is great as always and I'm hearing that awesome kick which seems to be a staple in your style lately... I'm too lazy to check your other more recent songs. =P

Your synth choice and drums are all very good, no problems here. I especially like the synth that comes in, for example, at 0:50, and fades out around 0:58, great choice there.

You definitely gave it that "rave" feeling at times... great job there. Nothing else to add.

A good song for something you couldn't finish! Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to more. =)


You did it again, didn't you?
Nice job on this one.
But that little high-pitched sound you sometimes hear popping-up, what is it?
I would like/need to know.
Also, the violin-sounding thing, Name of the VSTi please?
PM me, for I will not be checking this pages everyday.
(Deadly sin :o)


This is a little different style than your recent trances, and it is kinda nice. I agree with a previous poster that the piano is nice, and combined with that layered synth, it really opens up a new style for you. The idea of a violin (from yet another poster) is nice, but in a trance, a violin almost has to have a solo for it to really shine. I'd recommend trying some things out with your synth strings first to see if you can write a good string solo before you write something with the violin.

OK, on to the overall feel. Someone below me was right when they said it gets a "laggy" feel. I caught that about 2/3 through the way, and that might have something to do with your processor taxing like that. I can't figure out why it would do that when you have songs that are MUCH more detailed that you have submitted in the past, but whatever. Overall it was a very nice song, but I wish it was longer. Oh well.

CnB makes me smile

Ahh, nothing like hearin a bit of Cnb before going to sleep.
In fact, it was good enough for me to stay up a bit longer.
I like the layering in the synth, and that is a real tight kick you have running, although it would have been nice if you had switched the beat occasionally, I'm not going to complain, it drives it forward.
The different elements really tie it together, and I agree with what the first guy said, whenever the lead hits that dance rhythm at the end that kinda sounds like an irish jig, that could wake the dead, and not just wake them, but they would start raving, because this song is an energy cocktail for the ears.
This might keep me from falling asleep for a bit, which is bad, but oh well, I'll sleep through my physical geography lecture anyway.

5/5-keep those sweet tunes crankin!


I havent reviewed one of your songs in a while. This was a good one, nice catchy melody. Ill say what i said on the phone though, i wouldve added a lower saw to the lead saw to fatten it up a bit. Also, the 3xosc with the increasing arp time was a nice effect in this song. And is the piano the new plugin, soundont, sample, i dont know, that you got? cause its nice. Hm, maybe its pianissimum, but this makes me wnana do another song, hmm, i neeed a new cpu, maybe, i dont know, ill have to try agian, commercial trance dosent run up the usage to much, but im gonna shutup now and back to what i was doing before you called me. Nice work, no doubt it makes a bot, ill 5 it to make sure. Hmm i was gonna upload some speedcore and have everyone 5 it tonight so that it made number 1, cause then id rofl. But this is like the longest review ive ever left, i hope its not over the max. bye. <3

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Feb 20, 2007
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