A Breath of Life

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So I had this idea in my head, that I wanted to make a piece of music to represent life.
That's why it's short, and that's why it starts off really soft, gets louder in the middle with more instruments, and then dies off at the end with a soft high C cadence. It's meant to symbolize that the short, fragile human life is full of reasons to be thankful from start to finish, and that time continues to run its neverending course both before and after our lifetimes, short by comparison.
I'm feeling really symbolic today. Usually when I do that, I write, but I felt like it would be better to try making a song to express that feeling instead.


I have noticed that pitch bend occurs in many of your songs, which is a nice touch. it makes it flow while kinda sounding ragtime-y but not too much, you know?

This sounds very nice. A beautiful harmony of piano and synth coming together.

Did you know there are free VSTs you can get online? Some of them sound nice, and I'd recommend to get them if you cant afford the official VSTS from Image-Line or other major VST companies.

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Nice piano. I feel like it could've been EQed to be a bit smoother, but it's not bad. Guessing that jazzy sound is either a synth with a hexagon or saw waveform, or a strange trumpet sample. The percussion is a bit loud. The arrangement is still pretty good, and the instrument quality is quite a bit better than your last song. The mastering still needs some minor work, but is otherwise fine.

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Very great melody, however I think you should try to avoid using FL Keys for such amazing works. Or if so atleast maybe add some effects. :) I do love the use of the portamento/legato note, it fits well.

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A well thought out song in more ways than one! the intro is pretty good to the build is pretty good. Its cool how the piano starts alone then more accompanied instruments come instruments come into the mix. It just fits together so well. I listened to this while reading your description, and it fits it! This isn't a complant or anything, and I'm not telling you how you should make your songs, but I feel this would be a great loop! it ends the same way as it starts. It could symbolize what you said, but once it loops, its like creating another life.

My only complaint about this song is that it feels alot louder in my right ear than the left. Other than that great!

Keep it up!


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Jun 6, 2017
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