Devil In The Mirror ft. Megurine Luka

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Sort of a synthy symphonic djent-ish experiment from my upcoming I Stand In Awe Of Your Light album. This song in particular deals with a lot of emotions I've come to terms with, namely surviving a suicide attempt (drowning) and finding self-worth. I figure I may as well post it now since my mixing headphones were busted by an opportune 4 year old and I won't be able to mix it any more properly than I already have, which is to say probably spotty at best given my track record. Still learning new things every day.

Software: Mixcraft 7, Vocaloid 3
VSTs: Nexus, Kontakt, Ample Sound, Emissary amp, NadIR, Omni Sampler

Hope. Hold On. Pain Ends.

My treasured most high one
Has done me grave harm
I plead and prayed yet
She blamed and betrayed me

The pleasure was her lust
disguised in a storm
She sheathed the blade
in the heart that most hated me

As I fade
I turn to face
The devil in the mirror

At every turn
With every word
Your eyes they burn
Into my soul as much as hers

Am I to take your word
That this is what I do deserve
The pinnacle of hurt knowing
I might listen but never learn

You'll be the end of me

The water that I've run
A coffin of warmth
A bed to lay
In the world I so want to leave

As I die
I cast an eye on
The devil in the mirror

With me at every turn
In my every word
The eyes that burned
as much as hers

A thousand glittering pieces on the floor
A vision starts to form
Who am I but the sum of who you are not ready for
I wonder why I wasted time enough to die
wondering why
If love I don't deserve
One day I'll surely learn

to hope
to Hold On; Pain Ends.

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This is badass! I feel the background guitars could stand out a little more, but I love this overall, and the drums are nice! Love the electronic touch too. Nice work. I'd love to sing over your next metal song if it's anything like this.

ADR3-N responds:

Oh really? SWEET! We could do a duet, mang. Also, if you want vocaloid stuffs, send me a midi and some lyrics. :3

And again? I was worried the rhythm guitars might totally overtake the melody. I'll remember that next time I use that amp/cab.

The drums are Oceanic something or other in one of the Kontakt drum libraries I scored. I'll have to find it somewhere if you like 'em.

Best aspects of metal, all jumpy and diverse, very diggable! Robot voice was (I guess thankfully) somewhat muted, apropos, but it's hard to enjoy the lyrics. Sure would be epic if a golden throat belted out the lyrics, which are perfection.

What sort of headphones got smooshed? I used to use the cheapest Koss titanium headphones RadioShack sold, served me well in the field and in the chair, looking for a new standard that doesn't add artificial bass.

ADR3-N responds:

I'll answer the headphones first -- I had a pair of Sentry HM960's, which are cheap 10 dollar headphones I got on clearance, 2 pair. Well, they served me through all sorts of punishment, including workouts, until a 4 year old jumped on them and my laptop while they were plugged in (I had never been around this kid to know about his war on electronics or I would have had this stuff put up) and within the week, one of the ear muffs came unscrewed and fell off, and then the jack shorted out. They worked fine for the whole week up until point though. I preferred them for their very crisp but very flat response. Lots of clarity, no extra bass, 40 mm driver, etc.

Thanks for the review, by the way. I'm trying to work on getting some singing of my own going on, maybe even growls, but have had no space to sing in. After this, I'm working on seeing about revamping Crown of Thorns, and I also have more pieces coming out in this style. Vocaloid is of course, an acquired taste. For right now, it's just the easiest medium for me to get my ideas across quickly and clearly.

This is super rad!
I happen to love heavy metal of most kinds, and this has some really cool rhythms and melodies! The singing is very atmospheric too :O
I'd say the mix is alright, even though it might be a tad centered at times. But honestly, it sounds really good :)
The progression is really cool, and I love all the instruments with their own little parts in the forefront. The lyrics are interesting too :D

This was a fantastic listen! Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great job ^___^

ADR3-N responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! Yeah, I have had problems with mixing this particular genre in general. Most of my mixes do sound very centered outside of drum panning, but I can't seem to find a balance between good panning/phasing. If you could send me a PM of the worst instances with a time stamp or something, I'd love you so much! Although fixing it will be the hard part since my good headphones finally bit the bullet. Now I'm on a pair of budget earbuds.

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Jun 2, 2017
8:33 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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