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YAWA Records Demo (Original)

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Author Comments

A nice completed commercial trance track for YAWA records, some reviews please! LOWQUALITY


I'm on a review spree. :)

I'm going to go through your songs and review a LOT of them... because you're all that deserving of it.

Hmm... introduction I don't like very much. That snare sample doesn't quite sound original, though the kick does give it more oomph. The bass I don't like much either... this doesn't have the feel of your latest two, at all.

Weird melody... notes clash with each other here. I don't like it much. The synth's a bit weird and it doesn't change at all. There are creative rhythms, and you build on it now and then, though.

Now the bass is changing and I hear piano. Your harmonies are so far pretty good, but nowhere near the awesomeness I heard in Nova and Higher Force. You're very lacking, and then the ones that you do have don't have that professional feeling, at all.

New percussion. You're getting better... and this song feels now as if it was set up for my style of reviewing. XD It's all good, except for that closed hihat sample which I CAN'T STAND... it just feels so boring. An open hihat would have done the song more justice, in my opinion. Overcliched snare roll right there, and transition into the next part.

Well, not much else to say about this... it goes up an octave later and the volumes start raving, too... not good, not good. XD Keep trying... this isn't one of your better songs. Looking forward to more like your two latest... oh, and by the way, don't send me any more high-quality versions of your songs just yet. Is it okay if I go through your songs and then send you a PM with the names of the songs I want higher quality versions of? Much appreciated... and expect reviews on a few more of your songs later. :)

Pulstate responds:

Yeah, thanks for a great review mate, i'm really disappointed with this, i'd prefer if this wasn't reviewed anymore.

Btw, didn't you ask me to send you the higher quality? ;)

Not bad!!!

Yup the song really get a little too long to come to full state, but awsome stuff man!

Pulstate responds:

Thanks very much mate, although i wish i could just delete this now, lol. :)

YAWA records?

Not sure what YAWA records is, but sounds like a recording studio. As usual your song is trance. Guess you love this genre to death. Is that piano you have in there? Its a good trance, but what would make the best trance is a diverse one. That would be very original since trance is rarely diverse and I guess shouldn't be. But new always is good. The song is long for just a 2mb track. Should have boosted up the quality since you had 2 mb left to fit song on NG. Well all I can say is add a buildup with lots of harmonies. Seems kinda empty though you have the 3 instruments going at once. Try 6 instruments going at once lol. That would be really cool. So a 9/10 review and a 5/5. Note just to remind you that I always give diversity a 10/10 for trance since expected to be repetitive. Try to create a new genre...non-repetitive trance :)Later

Pulstate responds:

Thanks mate, they denied me, but i'm not surprised. :)

May I ask, what is YAWA Records?

I just had to ask this. This is gonna be a short review, 'cause I'm lazy today.

This is a little too repetitive, in my opinion. It's very good though. I wish I was as good as you... I'm going to put a gabber song on my page (it has a melody, don't worry. It's not all mostly kicks, like DJ Sash's) if you want to check it out!

Have fun & I hope you get a recording deal! :P
-DJ DaVinster (Vinny)
<3 Bi Pride <3

Pulstate responds:

Thanks mate. :D

Yes it's repetitive, but it's a demo.

Just a sample of what i can do, not 100 percent effort. :)


loved it from the first time i heard it lol its awesome.

((DJ Hi-Fi))

Pulstate responds:

Thanks mate. :)

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3.85 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2007
6:02 PM EST
File Info
2 MB
3 min 31 sec

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