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I had an idea to make a song about alien bitches. This is the first time that I've ever sung or rapped over a song and recorded it, so I'm really quite proud of it.

Why didn't anyone stop me.

Hey man, you gonna hit up “The Asteroid?” Ladies night tonight~~~
Aww, cmon man, Jar’Ganata’s gonna kill me
What, you gonna let that bitch slither all over you?
What’s it to you where she slithers?
Look, just come down, we’ll have a few drinks and you can pick out what you like
Man, you know xeno ladies is where it’s at! When’s the last time you got some extragalactic pussy?
Bitch we can’t even penetrate!
Just trust me, they don’t care! Plus you love the drinks there!
Yeah, I guess their cocktails are alright...
That’s the spirit! Don’t you be telling Jar nothing though, she gon’ rat us out
Fine, fine, alien bitches
Alien bitches! Bring some cash too, I’m out
Fuck that shit, you pay for your own damn drinks
Fine, but I get dibs on the Velian chicks
Fine by me, I wanted some Havari ass anyway
Oh fuck that, there’s so much more you could be going for!
Like what?
I’ll tell you what!

How ‘bout the one over there with the fat flagella?
Or the hottie at the bar, with the sexy ass feathers?
Got a spot, on your right, next to three Tychoni strippers,
Bet you’ll pump em right up if you compliment their flippers!
Slide on over to the counter, please, and grab yourself a drink,
You could buy one for the bartender and she’ll turn pink,
Or buy one for the girl on your left side maybe,
I saw her look at you and sign the words “Hoo, baby!”
And what about the translucent humanoid Jello bitch?
Save her for me, I need her tendrils to scratch my itch,
Shaking her ass, like she somewhere with gravity,
Everybody here’s attracted to her “personality,”
I saw some tentacles crawl over to the back room,
Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll take back you to her moon,
Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll fuck you in the back, quick,
She’s Andromedan, crossed the galaxy for fresh dick!

All my bitches and my hoes, in different cluster codes,
Xeno ladies wave your arms, flap your fins, snap your tentacles,
Put me on a spectacle, I’m yours to enrapture,
For one standard night, my love is yours to capture,
I’ll take em all, short and tall,
Come with me and watch me ball,
I’m waiting in that cruiser line,
That alien bitch is mine!

Done with the homeworld!
7 billion bitches and they’re all so cold,
7 billion bitches who just didn’t catch my eye,
7 billion bitches yet I’m looking outside,
The stars call me, I’m the sailor, she’s the siren,
And them juicy mandibles got the cylinders firin’,
Cruising through space on the hunt for the sweetness,
Waiting on the one to bring my body to completeness,
I’m looking for a girl with a killer proboscis,
A girl with vines, that shit’s on my wishlist,
A girl made of slime, that’s pussy at it’s peak,
Give that ass a slap, leave it trembling for two weeks,
I wanna wrapped in the warm embrace,
of a deep sea monster, dragging me to her place,
If I buy her enough drinks she might let me go,
And on I’ll roam to the next alien ho.

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This should be the next meme!
btw, noice voice lines. loved the beat and the humor there.

Really like this one. So happy that you put your voice over it! I'm not sure if it was deliberate or not, but there's no need to warble or over-process your voice to hide it -- I know singing is scary as hell, but your voice is actually damn great and there's no reason for you to mask it! :) Looking forward to the next one!

Kalviter responds:

Thank you so much for leaving a review! I'm really glad you like it, I'll try to tone down the processing for the next song :)

This is art.

Kalviter responds:

I'm glad you enjoy it, lmao

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May 31, 2017
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