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some thiccc industrial techno. no downloads because labels are interested in this one.

currently a WIP. still have things i want to do for it but its good enough for newgrounds.

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awesome!!! love the bass

I really like this song, actually. it's not what I would normally listen to, but I don't mind the lack of substantial evolution because I could listen to this in the background while doing other things. But I don't see why you're getting worked up about genre boundaries. Adding melody to a specific genre doesn't take it out of the realm of music or insult the genre. I really wish people would stop getting stuck in their idea of specific, clearly defined genres and just make the music that comes to their head, not try to fit it in a perceived genre. I like the artists that label all of their music as "electronic" because it matters what the music sounds like, not exactly where it's categorized. What are you even trying to get him to accomplish by sending him a youtube video? Trying to get him to "understand the genre?" You don't need to "understand a genre" to know what feels right in music or what would sound good, so I don't know what your idea of "real electronic music' is.

Sequenced responds:

I'm glad you like this, sorry for the really really late reply.
If I wanted to make something more melodic, I wouldn't be making it under techno.
The reason why labeling everything " electronic" would be bad because as a DJ you ABSOLUTELY need everything to be categorized.
If I'm playing a deep groovy house set for 1hr/30mins, I need all of the songs to blend in together. If someone labeled a track "house" but it actually turns out to be mainstream big room garbage, its going to ruin the vibe instantly and you will lose the rhythm and flow of your mix..

It's like if you were making a Drum n bass mix and you want to put a progressive house track in it, it just wouldn't work.

I love labeled genres. It helps me weed out tracks I do not want to listen to and it helps DJs collect their music for shows.

And yes, a lot of electronic genres require SOME acquired taste. In fact, I even want people to be come more opinionated about the music they want to listen to. Sure it can be elitist but with that passion can spawn a lot of new talent in any sub genre of electronic music.

The kick is pretty hard-hitting, not that that’s a bad thing. I like the little atmospheric percussion clicks you added, though. It’s really slow to develop for the first minute or two. I really don’t think the piece needed to be nearly 7 minutes long. The mixing and mastering are solid. I like the sense of climax into 2:03, but getting to some mid-range notes really shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes. I’m really itching for some melodic content after a while. You had another big climax into 4:27, but it didn’t lead much of anywhere. The repetition wears on me after a bit. I’d like to see you using the whole frequency range more. You did a nice job with the filtering towards the end, though - it sounds cool. I have really mixed feelings about this one. But I think you need to do more with this compositionally in order to keep my engagement. Keep at it, man!


Sequenced responds:

bruh compared to most techno tracks in the real world this is SHORT. Most techno tracks are AT LEAST 8- 10 minute songs. If you guys actually judged a song by the actual genre and the actual professional EDM scene you wouldn't give this a 6 lmao.

look up this track and maybe you'd have a better understanding of this genre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m47tO1Ctck8

ugh why do I even try and make real edm songs for newgrounds
If I were you I would go research more EDM lmao. The same shit happened to Masq a couple years back when he made a brilliant neurofunk peice, but all of you were like "lol where is melody".

If you aren't f-777 for EDM you literally have no chance for any sort of competition here. the AP is a joke.

No one actually appreciates real electronic music here. No wonder xKore left.

The intro was too repetitive, and it evoked the hatred that was buried deep within me.

Sequenced responds:

edit 2018: wow I completely missed the blatant sarcasm in your review LOL


Bruh it's a fucking dj intro

Every fucking track on beatport is even more repetitive than this track I garuntee you.

Stop calling it repetitive when it's clearly a dj intro lmao

Wow!! Never thought I'd see the day where I'd hear proper Techno on NG. Happy I found this! Great work dude. 5\5 ;)

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May 28, 2017
3:10 PM EDT
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