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The theme for johnfn's DumbCompo was Random Genres, and I tried my hand at combining the randomly-generated genres of funk rock and glitter trance. It started out as a dumb mashup but ended up sounding pretty good, in my opinion!

DumbCompo: http://www.chipscompo.com/compo/4
johnfn: http://johnfn.newgrounds.com
dolphin: http://bit.ly/2s7gBV8

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Seriously, I was blown away by this.
Yes, some of the sounds are maybe a little... lo-fi?... But it's beautifully put together. It flows so well, it's so upbeat and happy and it imparts that feeling so quickly on the listener. On top of that, all the sounds are super well balanced and everything has its place.

Thanks for the 3:35 of happiness!

There's definitely a funky vibe to this dance track. I like that twinkly arp a lot, and the drums are well put together. A lot of everything flowed well here.

I think the guitar could use a bit of reverb for improvement. In the beginning, to me it felt a bit out of place in quality with everything else in the composition.

Well done, and no this doesn't sound dumb at all. I think this is well done.

Good luck and have fun in the NGADM competition!

LunacyEcho responds:

=> funky dance

That's exactly the mood I was going for! :D

=> guitar reverb

Based on the funk element, that guitar is actually a clav! But your suggestion still stands—it could definitely be mixed better into the song.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a review! :)

Ahh, I remember this! Great work with the drums in this, and the melodies are really neat. Think you could have experimented a bit more with the melodies in this, because some are a lot better than others. Especially the solo part at 1:20 has some melodies that sounds a bit too random.
I really like the bass sound in this, but it sounds a bit seperated from the rest of the track. Hard to explain, but it feels like it hits me in my throat for some reason. It's probably because you didn't want the bass to clash with your lead, but it is a bit disturbing to me. Might just be me though.
The mix sound a tiny bit chaotic at times. I think this is mainly due to the bas, but the hi-pads you use clash with the lead because they both fight over the clarity frequencies from 2k - 4k. I would probably dampen the high frequencies of the pad a tiny bit and maybe mess a bit with the stereo field to ensure that the lead and pad arent fighting eachother.

Overall a really solid and original track. Hope you make more like this for chipscompo :D!

LunacyEcho responds:

=> solo melodies

Ahh for that solo I was trying to do a bit more of a rhythmic focus! I guess that makes the lack of melodic focus apparent :P :P

=> bass sound

The bass sound here was inspired by funky slap basses—except I don't have any of those, so I tried to make a similar sound using a synth. :P

=> lead clash with hats

Ooh, I never thought about doing that. I don't have much experience in mixing and mastering, so this isn't the kind of thing I'd look out for naturally, but I'll definitely do that in future songs!

Thanks so much for the review, Ectisity! And good luck in the NGADM :) :)

Hearing that first lead made me scared I could potentially find this super generic in a sense; however, I really love your drum work, instrumental and everything else about the track that you have implemented. There are little aspects of the composition that could have been better, but what can i say? You summarized the project quite well. It ended up sounding pretty good. Sometimes fun projects are the best to listen to; especially for the experience.

Keep it up!

LunacyEcho responds:

=> first lead =>

Hah, I tend to have a problem with making intros really generic. :P A lot of them are just a single instrument playing some ostinato, which really gives it a low level of replay value (but I usually can't think of a better way to begin a song haha).

=> fun projects =>

I love getting inspired from seemingly silly things! This just happened to turn out more successfully than usual. :)

Anyways, glad to hear you liked the song, and thanks a lot for dropping a review! :)

Wow this is a nice mix! Two completely different genres! This certainly isn't dumb!

Btw, do you use Logic Pro X too? Some of the sounds seem similar... nice to see a fellow DAW user!

LunacyEcho responds:

Hah, I agree that it's not dumb; the competition was just named so because people weren't really meant to make serious piece. :) (although I still kinda did)

And yes! Great ears—I do use Logic Pro X. Which ones did you recognize? :)

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May 27, 2017
10:37 AM EDT
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