Drums Of Mordor

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this is one of my first things i produced (a year ago).
Hope you enjoy it.

This goes out to my friend shurrikane, who has way more experience with epic music.
Here is his channel: http://shurrikane.newgrounds.com/

Special thanks to Acrylla for the Artwork!
Acrylla: http://acrylla.newgrounds.com/
Original Artwork: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/acrylla/before-the-darkness-falls




I read "Drums of Mordor" and the first thing I listen to is some electric instrument bull...
Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of LotR and I know that the "Drums of Mordor" would sound like wardrums, telling you with the sound of their drums that they'l f*cking scoop your eyeballs, slit your throat, put your eyeballs in your throat and rip off your chest with their bare hands.

Hey don't get me wrong mate but stuff like this very seriously and you should think about it before you make something including a fandom with it. Mordor is a place of Uruk'hai, Orcs, Goblins, Beasts. If there's any of them playing a xylophon-like instrument making a song like this sounds like I'm sure he's not living for much long in Mordor.

You know which place this might be more fitting to? Elrond- Or at least somewhere like that. If you make "Drums of Mordor" make sure this song sounds like PURE EVILNESS and PURE HATE, ANGER and DESTRUCTION. Cos that's what Mordor means in the LotR Universe.

Now that I gave you a really long lesson in Nerdtology - to the track.

It isn't bad. It's really oldschool RPG-like, felt almost like WoW Classic on Alliance side or like Ultima I - XIII, the first Might and Magic and so on. It reminds me of the days where the internet was something you accidentally enabled on your phone and you panickly tried to disable it ASAP. Go on wih your work. It's like an oldschool pixely diamond that needs some grinding, some polishing. But don't you fricking dare to call a track like this "Drums of Mordor" ;D

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BMBRJCK responds:

Sorry for the inconvenience! It was just a no-brainer ;)
The drum preset was called mordor :D

But anyway, thanks for the comment!

There is still some groundwork to do. Some seems to be mentioned already by previous reviews, however, to give it more impact I shall repeat it.
The introduction part flashed me, the whole 80s and "The magic sword" feeling caught me. The more elements come in, the more each element seems to be out of time to the so straight rhytmic Arp pattern that governs the whole intorduction of the track. Instead of building something up, it seems like something is falling apart more and more, which is a bit of a setback.
At 1:09 undefined noise is heard. Just as one could think that this is just a sound effect, it filters up enough to be identified as a rhytmic drum pattern, that completely falls out of everything that happened before. As I am trying to abstract what composer wanted to achieve, I sense a lack of impact and 'in the face'-ness from said drums part. But not only the sound, but also the composition of the drums, what they play, how they play it... it feels so off. The worst thing is, that with the introduction of the drums, which should take the role of the rhythm giver now, the arp synth from the beginning is completely gone. What happens now is that you get the feeling that the track is now in half speed. It could be a different track now.
The rest of the track won't bring a redemption to this unfortunately. As said, there is still groundwork left, that's why I will postpone to say anything about mix and mastering ect.

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This would have gotten full marks, but the drums.... as Shurrikane already mentioned, the transition at 1:10 could be better - but the drums don't get better, either. The drums are playing off rhythm for a good amount of time since they get introduced at that transition point, which is sadly distracting. To sum up: excellent build up, then awkward transition, and fumbled drums distracting from something that could have grown truly epic. Drums are ever meant as flavoring to spice up a piece, contrary to popular belief, and if not done right they WILL break it. (there are exceptions, but there's a reason they're exceptions!) Nail them, and they augment your creation; add them and fumble, and they will be noticed immediately for the wrong reasons. Do experiment with what drums can do for you in this and other pieces, and best of luck in your musical journey :) (it's my way of saying, keep up the good work - you're not *there* yet, but you've got things going for you. Don't EVER let the negative bits get you!)

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BMBRJCK responds:

Thank you for the review! It is very hard to notice such things if you are hearing the track hundred times.
Thanks a lot!

Easy sounding and yet a strong and powerful track. I like it.
Some transitions could be a bit better (1:10).
Great use and mix of electronic elements :)
Keep up the good work.

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May 27, 2017
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