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TIGER M - TigerMvintage - Critical Damage (Aftermath of the Tropical Storm)

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TigerM - TigerMvintage - Critical Damage (Aftermath of the Tropical Storm)

While working as
Secretary / Office Manager / Receptionist and Accountant weekly
at MGCM, his stepbrother's Music School and Music Conservatory,
Tiger was introduced to the Roland Boss DR-5 Rhythm Section...
and... often more than
eight hours a day producing arrangements...

Using the MIDI instruments on Roland's DR-5, in a single month,
Tiger would produce over 250 unique arrangements.” [some call them "beats!" ^^]


Welcome to the music of Tiger Project Twice 16!

This is "TigerM - TigerMvintage - Critical Damage (Aftermath of the Tropical Storm)" as I composed on the
Roland Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm Section Drum And Tone Machine when I was sixteen years old.
As of this writing I am twice 16 [16 + 16] this Lifetime around!

Performed and composed and recorded to cassette tape via professional
analog DJ Tape Deck for independent public distribution in the year 2000--
this song is from my Thirteenth [Cassette 13!] of my original music publicly released on
cassette tape in the year 2000 which I titled "My Role."

"My Role" is the title of my 13th cassette and features new music and alternative recordings from me.
Songs like "Retarded Jazz Ride" and "Octo-Strider" are new music in 2000 I did with some fun results. =)
Tracks like "Groove-A-Child 24 / 7 [Version 2]" and "The Matrix Spectrum [Version 2]" are alt
recordings of my featured songs on past cassette. =)

All recordings on "My Role" is original previously [before the year 2000] unreleased!
The "My Role" tape release features 15 original songs all unreleased
prior to initial song-to "Existence Implementation" in the year Y2K! =D

In the year 2000, none of the musical recorded compositions
had been performed, shared or released as music in anywhere Existence.

In addition to composing recorded music on the Roland Boss DR-5 Drum Machine in 2000 at 16;
I also stayed active writing, playing piano, voice and drums!

This Year is the first year [2017] I have decided to release my unique Y2K cassette music online!
Please enjoy! =D The objective is to share all 250 plus recordings by Summer 2017!
My Birthday is in August.

At 19 years old, I independently re-released all 250 original song recordings via
Compact Discs and decided to name the original tapes and music "Tiger M Ventage Music." =)
This was prior to "From Within" in 2003. But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself though... =3
We'll get to that! God Willing. =)

At 20 I began utilizing professional Digital Audio Workstation(s) or "DAWs"
exclusively in addition to live instrumentation (Piano, Voice, Drums) for music production.
This is the first time I have ever released my DR-5 "Beats" [Original Music]
online or in .mp3 format for friendship listenership online! =D Please enjoy. ^^

The cassettes I am sharing music "Tiger M Vintage Music" from (1 through 14)
were created at age 16 in a month during the year 2000.
"From Within" is the last release I did utilizing the analog Roland Boss DR-5.

I use Professional DAWs [Digital Audio Workstations] for music production today.

This is song release 218 of Year 2017
and the third [3rd] tune from "My Role" [Cassette 13!] released online.

Thank You for deciding to read this far!

You ROCK! =D

Your opinion and time listening in are greatly appreciated. =)
Thank You so much for tuning in!! =D

Thank You For Listening =^_^=
And Stay Awesome! =D

Sincerely And Humbly,
Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-Tiger M. Gales aka WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~* [Eldin Day 2017 * ^^ ) | ! ! ! Thursday]
-10:58 AM (5/25/2017) [North-of-Equator, International Date Line West Time, U.S.A.]




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love ur shit dude 10/10 rock on

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May 26, 2017
10:26 AM EDT
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