Hard Techno 2017

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Worked some more on Retribution of the Insane, which will be deleted few days later. Will keep it on sourced right here so that you can compare the versions.

I started of wanting to fix the overpeaking volume of Retribution of the Insane, but then I thought... Damn I can do this and this here. So I went for it. Hope somebody likes the new version. :)

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Dope techno, adding to my music collection.

I'm glad people are still making this shit.

I'm not entirely sure how I fit into this picture, but I dig the track.

It's not quite hardstyle though, that's pretty much my default music. If I'm not listening to anything in particular, or If I don't know what I want to listen to - HARDSTYLE. Just can't go wrong. It's strange, but as of this review the song I get stuck in my head a lot is ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMe02A8gHUo ) . It's strangely catchy, even if you have to wait 2 minutes for it to really kick in. Irrelevant, but I'll look it up later when I see it in my own review and wonder what it is.

Anyway. Your track. It feels kind of random, the melodic pieces are a bit all over the place but I like it. I make tracks to lose yourself in, whereas this one is more of an active track. You're in the here and now. You are in the present, and trying to follow along with WTF is happening with all the shit is happening. It takes you for a ride. It's neat.

That being said, it's not as danceable. I didn't find myself grooving in my chair, and certainly not up out of my chair and jumping around (see: Hardstyle / my tracks ). Instead, I sat and pondered your track, I tried to figure out where I was going with all the synth lines and the changes of the track itself.

It's a thinking man's techno track, not a dancing man's techno track. If that was what you're going for, job well done.

As SuperBastard mentioned, also digging the synthwave undertones; can see why you've got AliceMako down under "inspiration" :)

I like the more elaborate drumwork as compared to Retribution of the Insane. You didn't put this one under industrial like you did Retribution, but if you did (and otherwise I guess)... it'd be neat to experiment with some different ways to distort the drums for some gritty effects.

I like routing the non-kick drum sample channels to a single bus, and then apply effects there. You can also route them to a send channel to have some distortion going on there while still having the "clean" drums going into the master mix as well. Assuming FL studio, I think fruity blood overdrive (with x100 on), waveshaper, and fruity squeeze are all fun to experiment with, distortion-wise.

Rambling on about distortion aside, I'm not sure what to think about the melodic content of the track. I can hear you've had a lot of inspiration coming up with different melodies and backing riffs and whatnot, but I feel the track lacks somewhat in structure. There are buildups a few times, but they don't seem to lead to anything of higher energy. Not sure if I'm making sense at all.

For structure inspiration I like to listen to several tracks from different artists in the style I'm aiming at and make note of what elements they employ to get the tension going between key parts of the track, then sort of try to combine them into my own blend of things that work. Hope that helps at all.

Anyhow, good work. Make more. :-)

Digging the synthwave undertones.

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May 22, 2017
5:50 PM EDT
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