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just like producing.
if you have any criticism please feel free.



The intro was a little bizarre, but I like the upbeat vibe. The drum samples are a bit generic, though, and the kick sounds like it has a little too much treble. The effect at 1:13 was cool, and I like the melody. After the 2-minute mark or so, it gets very repetitive. I think you needed a bridge or breakdown in there somewhere to add structural variety. The second half of the piece really doesn’t offer much fresh material. You have a good sense of melody and harmony, but you could’ve done a lot more with this piece to keep the listener engaged. Longer pieces are still really enjoyable as long as they’re coherent - don’t be afraid to show off your stuff! Right now, the composition here is a little underwhelming. Keep at it, man. ;)


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LLCALIREP responds:

Thank you very much for the review and your time..well I have little time producing but I'll will keep it up!! And it was an honor participating in the deathmatch ..hopefully next time I do better!

Really like the feel of this track! Some really neat melodies in here. The drop is a bit weak, mainly because you have no chords playing there. Chords are really important in musicl ike this, and without them the track just ends up sounding very flat. also, all the percussion elements doesn't fit in with the rest of the track. First of all I think you should use another kick in this. I don't know if you are using the one you have now because you are going for an 8bit feel, but that kick really doesn't work regardless. try picking a kick sample that shines more in the high end. If you listen to generic edm, you can hear that pretty much every song uses a kick that shines through the entire frequency spectrum, and it's this that creates that "umph" feel you get from them.
Also, try varying up your melodies a bit, espeically at the drops. The drop-melody should be the main "theme" in your song. Good EDM drops introduce a new melody, and I think this is what you should go for as well. Right now you just have the same melody all the way through with little variation, which really makes the track samey(repetetive). I suggest that you try listening to some artists that you like and hear how they structure and build a song.

your overall mixing isn't too bad, but there are times when the frequencies clash, especially because of the snare and claps. Also, the high frequencies of the lead bug my ears a bit, try toning them down.

The strongest part of this track is the melody, but there are a lot of issues that can be fixed. Keep it up :D!

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LLCALIREP responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback!! I'll will take your advice!!:)

Really liked the melody here but I thought the lack of kick drum really took away from the song overall. Almost sounded as if the whole song was building to something. I think with a thumping bass this song would be grooving!

LLCALIREP responds:

Thanks for taking your time to review!!
Certainly will work on the area you just explained!
I appreciate your time!

Sound design of the drop isn't very effective. There isn't a definite set of chords within the drop either.

The melodies aren't bad, but the track is quite repetitive (I know house should be, but primarily the drop). Work towards a stronger mix and refer to popular house tracks for levelling and effective song structure.

Keep it up, and best of luck for NGADM!

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LLCALIREP responds:

Thank you I will take your advice!!

This is good actually... but it feels kind of repetitive at times, and I feel the kick (in fact drums as a whole) could be a bit louder cause they don't seem to stand well in the mix. Good work though!

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LLCALIREP responds:

Thanks for reviewing I appreciate it.
I will certainly try to fix it.

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