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May 18, 2017 | 2:35 AM EDT
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Rated 3.09 / 5 stars
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what did i made



Rated 1 / 5 stars

I realize this is a chaotic mood piece. While not entirely avant garde, as it does have some elements of traditional chordal music, I still am not able to assess which feelings you are conveying with this piece, and it all sort of mashes together, stock loops, incomprehensible intro, wacky tail, and all.

The eq on that kick, as well as the electric guitar synth are ear piercingly treble-y in my ears, which lends a lot of the piece to sounding less like art/thought and more like slapdash. It just doesn't sound musical to me. As a fan of a lot of musics which are deliberately unmusical in order to convey feeling, I think that should mean something. Of course, music is subective.

Beyond that, my own thoughts could be summed up pretty much verbatim with TaintedLogic's review. What put me off most with this track was the jumble of seemingly incoherent thoughts. That may have been what you wanted to convey, but it was an unpleasant acid trip for my ears. Perhaps I'm just missing the point.

With music, in general, you want to at the very least consider that your audience can relate to what you're trying to say in some fashion. Otherwise your music becomes virtually meaningless to everyone but you. Since music is a form of communication, this is sort of the undesirable equivalent of tooting one's own horn a little too hard, and we can stroke our own egos to the point we think this is what we're supposed to do all the time. Always question if your expression is going to be remotely understood, and if it's worth sacrificing intelligibility to ignore what the mind subconsciously expects.

That said, if you want a review, PM me any time!

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Well, I guess it takes a couple reviews (or 5) like this for me to realize maybe what I was making wasn't as fun, great or revolutionary as I'd thought. This'll still be fun for me to listen to, but I suppose it won't be fun for most others. I tend to like music that represents a jumble of incoherent thoughts, but I'm probably the incredibly small minority, I suppose? I've always tried to make music that makes me happy and hope it resonates with others, but I suppose this one didn't. There really aren't people who enjoy music like this except me, I guess... and I suppose there's the possibility where I'm so blinded by the fact that this is my own work that I can't recognize that if it were someone else who made it I would almosg projectile vomit? I hope that's not the case because then, if so, how can I rely on my own judgement of my own work at all, especially the judgement needed to edit your own work on the fly? Scary thoughts. Anyways, I appreciate your opinion as well as the other judges' opinions, and if anything it allows me to appreciate the fact that even if it resonates with me, it may not resonate with others. It's just frightening to think that I may be near entirely blind.

However, it may comfort you or surprise you to know that a vast majority of my work is based on melodic and chordal harmony rather than dissonance. This is a step out of norm for me, something I used to be proud about... I suppose now I can just be privately proud instead. :)

Zig Zag


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The kick has a bit too much treble IMO, and comes on really strong at the beginning. The rhythm is also a bit hard to follow without anything keeping the beat, and I think you need to remove some treble tones from that hat at :09 too. The silence at :12 is really awkward, and when it’s finally broken at :17, the texture is a little jarring. At the very least, you need a stronger transition into :17, but I also think you need to equalize out the harsh frequencies in some of those instruments. By 1:10, the piece sounds like a completely different piece altogether, and I even recognized one of the stock vocal samples in FL Studio at 1:20. You have a lot of clashing harmonies here, and way too many ideas going on at once to form a coherent piece. I’d strongly suggest that you try to structure your harmonies around chords and (most if not all of the time) have only notes in that chord playing at a time. When you feel like you’ve made a piece that has some cohesive harmonies with a strong basis in chordal patterns, please PM me and I’ll leave you another review. Until then, keep at it, man. ;)


xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Yeah, true. Thanks for this review. Your point on the random silence at the beginning is noted. I intended for it to subvert expectation to make the sudden crashing of treble noises to be all that much more terrifying, but insteaf it may be too pretentious. 1:10 was supposed to be a transition into an unexpected mode, and the stock samples were supposed to generate an eerie and uncanny feeling. I wasn't really aiming for cohesion in this one, if anything, it was supposed to be the opposite. Most of the time I "obey music"... most of the time. This was supposed to be something weird and different and I thought it was cool but I suppose it's annoying to everyone but me. All good

Thanks for the review... I'll probably try to keep the chaotic mood pieces to myself from now on and just focus on publishing beats that resonate with others. The truth is that I'll still listen to this in private willingly and enjoy it for some reason.

Thank you for your review and I hope I didn't sound too salty. I appreciate your hard work and effort as a judge. All the best!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

damn dude idk how you come up with this stuff but it is definitely quality stuff you come up with man! this is sick

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

For this one, I focussed on placing the sounds in a collage that will reflect mood rather than form. I didn't think so much about how much the audience as much as the feelings that it evoked within myself. Thus the chaotic form. It pretty much reflected my mood at the time. Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate every single comment you place, and it gives me motivation to continue.