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The Sysadmin's Tune

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Author Comments

This is a random track, and ode to the invisible oath taken by sysadmins, netadmins and webadmins, that they have to deal with the user's stupidity is like pouring water into a tiny hole of a bottomless can.

Me walked into office with a cup of Tim's. Manager ran at me and I was like wtf mate. Here was how the convo gone:

Me: Morning boss.


Me: Que? How did it happen?

Manager: WanaCry... I wanna cry here!!!

Me: Wait which computer? Your workstation? I thought we mitigated the threats on Friday.

Manager: No my laptop. Please help meee mendaaaax!!

Me: How did it get in?

Manager: I opened some email, clicked something and...

Me: facepalm...

So turned out our genius manager was infected by WanaCry on his laptop, via phishing. He was using Gmail at the time on his Win 8 laptop. At first I was dumbfounded how the fuck did the malware launched and connected to server on our network. Then I realized our sweet manager was using a VPN service to connect on our network (probably to watch porn). We do not allow Tor protocol, but we do allow OpenVPN. And his VPN allows Tor connection. Because by Friday afternoon we have mitigated and updated every shit in the system, with firewall and IPS in place, tighter than Fort Knox. And even so couldn't beat the sheer stupidity of some people.

Took 5 hours to pull the backup, wipe everything then reinstall his shit. I was like man I gotta have lunch now, and some colleagues told me he wasn't the only boss get owned. Hoo boy it gonna be a long day...

And it was. Welcome to 21st century IT job.

Sorry this track is random as fuck. Went home and first time I launched my laptop for this.

Sysadmins of the world unite! Fight against user's stupidity!


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lol typical management!

Montron responds:

Never trust the users.

Thanks for the review.

Man, I'm not good with computers, but even I'm not that dumb to click a random link in a random mail during a pandemic... My earnest compassion to you.
As for the track - it's cool. The part between 7:10-7:40 was... strange, but all the rest is cool as always.

Montron responds:

You never know what the users will do. Even a small mistake can fuck up every security you have in place. In my years of dealing with these problems you thought the users should have gotten smarter after a decade of experience. They always prove you wrong. But hey that's why I'm here, and what I get paid for.

Thanks for the review.

Great job! Beginning gave me Destroid 10 vibes
also what is this wannacry virus

Montron responds:

Ransomware is hell of a drug.

This was an interesting morning listen! Awesome job :)

Luckily, WannaCry didn't hit Finland all too hard at all. That's an interesting story! At least I hope they think you did the job well ;)

Montron responds:

Yeah for some reason Sweden was hit hard but not other Scandinavian countries. Also analysis shows C&C servers originated from there and Germany.

Granted, infosec news said Finland done their security right so Wanna can't hit them.

Thanks for the review :).

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May 15, 2017
9:44 PM EDT
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