Shadilay Remix

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This is a remix of a song from the 1980s called (obviously) Shadilay. I find it incredibly catchy and I decided to remix it. Enjoy!

(It might be in the wrong key, but whatever)

The thing I'm most proud of is the fact that I experimented with new dubstep growls, and it didn't sound terrible!


Hey you just raped one o' me favorite songs producing a decomposing composure of pure syphilherp (syphilis+herpes).

Half a star for having the confidence to upload this shambling mess that some how relates to shadilay the masterpiece in its own.

Stardust-Nation responds:

harsh words from such a small man

It's not all that great, sadly. It started off pretty well, but then some of the notes went out of pitch and the synths started sounding kinda strange. There's definitely room for improvement here, but you got some interesting ideas.

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Stardust-Nation responds:

Thanks! To address your biggest concerns: 1) The synths definitely sound weird to me too. That's because there were a lot of layers to balance and it's very hard to get multiple "instruments" in Caustic to sound nice together. That, and I'm also pretty bad at the fine-tuning aspect of music-making. 2) The notes sound like they're in the wrong key because they most certainly are. I dun goofed when looking for the notes (to make my remixes I generally start by looking for online sheet music to serve as a general frame for the project) and used a cover that was written in bass clef. Unfortunately, I misread it and thought it was in treble. I was 90% done by the time I realized my mistake, and it was too late to fix it without scrapping the whole thing. But I appreciate the thorough review!

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May 10, 2017
5:17 PM EDT
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