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Cupcake [OMFG style]

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Author Comments

I've always wanted to make an OMFG-styled song. They have always intrigued me in a way that I cannot quite explain, and I like it.

I made this one in about 16 hours total. I pushed myself to make it as good as it could possibly be, and I like how it turned out. However, infuriatingly, I cannot get the talkbox sound right. Oh well!

Please enjoy! :)


Go check out OMFG: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMkh-WZrlhqwh_m42ZQNe7g

YouTube: https://youtu.be/b7n6VQsuW6s


Video made with FL-Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin

Effect author credits:
"ItsFullOfStars", author: Jph Wacheski

"Linear", author: StevenM

"TextDraw", author: Jph Wacheski


This is really OMFG-esque, you really captured the style. The melody is catchy, though I feel like you could have changed it up at times to make it less repetitive.
The buildup works, but I felt like it was kida boring. Make sure to not only build up you're songs with effects, but try to actually compose a proper buildup. A buildup should be as interesting as every
other part of the track.

I really don't like the vox lead you introduce at 1:24. It completely overpowers the smooth and soothing elements in the mix, plus it sounds overly detuned, I think it would be much better to drop it.
Okay, at 1:40, I get what you were trying to do, it's classic OMFG to do a keyshift, but if you're going to do a keyshift you can't ONLY transpose a single lead while all the other instruments keep playing the old key, you need to transpose all the instruments, or it ends up sounding terrible. Listen to every part of you're composition, and if there are any parts that sound off key, either drop them entirely, or fix the problem.

I really wish you would have introduced a new melody at 2:30. That melody is only catchy for only so long, and if you keep re-using it over again, the listener gets quickly tired of hearing it. Because of it, I really felt like this song i was too long.

Also, I need to address the elephant in the room.
We all have artists that we admire and enjoy listening too, and it's always good to deconstruct their music and try to do the same things they do. However, it's also important to be original. Even though you're goal here was to create a song like OMFG, you should always try to show us some of your own style and your own musical personality. That's what will make you're music interesting to listen to.
etelik has covered most of the mixing issues, so I won't bother mentioning them.

Keep up the good work, and don't get discouraged by the low scores, we only want to help you improve :). Just keep requesting reviews from us, and we'll do our best ;).

{Review Request Club}

Song goes ~ Until 1:40 you did a great job
It sounds awful and totally not fitting. You're trying to make an OMFG-Styled song, for whatever reason but he isn't using Moll in a Dur toned tune AS KEY CHANGE.
Sure you can use some Moll notes in a Dur Melody to make it sound more different but your base melody already was perfect.

Little tip to try out - make a drop the next time instead a key change, keep the melody going, don't make the drop too hard, make it funky and flippy. That's the style of OMFG - funky and flippy, bleeps and bloops, you get the idea?

Now to answer the question "When can I use a Key change like that at all?"
The answer is classical music including orchestra or a single instrument like a piano or smth. Because THERE you can put a key change from Dur to Moll easily to change the mood and it's way more fitting than in a song that should actually sound like some one else's song.

However. Last but not least - please don't brag about how long you took to work for a tune. Everybody starts and when they start they need long but after that they need either even longer or not. Difference is how much effort are you going to put into a track?
Because I sit here now for almost 2 months writing poetry and putting it into a video but I'm sure as hell it'll be fricking good.

16 hours are two work day (8 hours) so for people like me, putting a gigantic effort in what they do, it's honnestly nothing. I just wanna say - it's okay it feels exhausting but don't push yourself or creativity becomes fatality and you create something like you did on 1:40.

There's also a little expert tip - if you THINK you're done, sleep a night over it and take a look at your work. You'll see your work from a perspective of a viewer, not the maker and see what's good/bad in it

At 1:25, I was really expecting more. I was really getting into the first part of the song, it was building up and up and up until... A half bass drop came into play. It wasn't really what I was expecting. The tune after it was good, but it didn't really match what you were building up to.


The key changes.



It does NOT match the song AT ALL!!!

The tune would be good if it was in the right key but....

It's not.

OK, moving on.

It reminds me of The Living Tombstone for some reason, just that 1:40 part to 2:00, I'm not sure why I think it's the key.

The 2:30 drop was a great improvement from the first one at 1:25, good job.

3:20, again the same problem as 1:25, you need more bass if you're going for something like that.

For some reason, I feel as if 3:40 actually fitted in with the song better than 1:40 because you had used the same loop before, it worked well.

Overall, a good song, most things work together but just don't change the key like that.



Let's get down to it.
We start of with a groove featuring some simple chord synth. Both the drums and the synth sound pretty bland, and neither of it has enough impact to deliver the energy this track would need so much. One really has to keep attention to what is happening next, else you would just skip it and go to the next track. I won't do that in this case, I want to hear everything, until the end. A decent 'yaa' sound melody is introduced, even though it could need more variety in sound. The buildup that follows has way too much reverb and makes everything muddy, instead of creating a buildup, it creates a let down.
Introduction into the Vocoder line -> No impact, the line itself doesn't feel like part of the song at all, instead it feels like someone recorded something over an already existing playback. At least this one has its varieties and a 2nd part...
Ok... this 01:41 is just terrible. You start of with a good basework regarding harmony and melody, and then this? Some notes are way of the scale you are supposed to be in, and it being so much in the front doesn't help at all.
The second half of the track is a pretty close repetition of the first half, nothing unexeptional happens here. The ending is cut of hard... be careful when you place bounce markers, and listen to your track COMPLETELY before you upload your "Final Version" anywhere.

Wow. Is it you OMFG? :)
I can clearly hear the influence of his style on this track and I like it.
The drums and the vocals just fit each other perfectly
Somehow I didn't like the downer effect (e.g. 2:47) but it's just a minor detail.
Keep up this idea. Glad I came across this track.

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Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

May 10, 2017
7:04 AM EDT
File Info
5.1 MB
4 min 28 sec

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