Home-Grown Sunset

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For some reason, this reminds me of sunsets....please review!!! i would love a review...XD

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A late review still counts eh

I figure, since you love reviews, and since I got to hear such a soothing piece, I should write one. That way, we both win.

Very nice work, as I said it is incredibly soothing. No "rough" edges if you catch my drift. I'm not sure why but I get this sense of Japanese ancestry here. Definitely day time, peace, happiness, hint of...hmm, rejoice towards the end there. I seem to be reminded of these after listening quite a few times.

Again, beautiful job. Definitely skills going on here, 5/5 to you +1 download.

languid-phenomenon responds:

wo0t!! I love reviews!

Japanese hm? never looked at it that way XD

Im glad you like this piece!!!

save for the song I just posted, im stuck in a rut for classical music atm :\ i think im shifting back to techno lol.

My music mood seems to be switching up on me again lol.

Thanks again for the review!!

*horrah for both of us winning!!*


that was...

wonderful <3 i really enjoyed this track... that harp in combination with that violin is so lovely.
and you´re right, it sounds like sunset, in some medieval movie, in some Celtic land for sure ! because your track hardly reminds music of Ronan Hardiman :) oh my... I´m listening to it as I´m reviewing it, that´s bad, because I´m falling in love with this track <3 ^^ ! :) it´s really very great work, keep it up...

Thanks for your vote, winKoneR! You voted 5 for Home-Grown Sunset, raising its score from 3.57 to 3.75.

languid-phenomenon responds:

XDDD I'm Glad you like it so much!!

Thank you so much for the review ^^ *its pretty hard to get my stuff heard when everything was zero bombes right when it came out :( *
thanks again XD


ooo! :D

I really like that harp at the beginning. The subtle fade in of the french horns was really cool. :D

Ahh.. That's a really cool violin lead. I might be getting this out of nowhere, but I think a sitar playing a few notes along with the melody (softly) would sound really cool. The whole song sounds really asian to me for some odd reason... :P Like something you would hear in crouching tiger, you know?

But again, I loved those delayed harps. Really relaxing piece, man. I've gotta 5 it. ;)

Keep up the awesome work!

languid-phenomenon responds:

Man, i wish i had i good sounding sitar sample...if i had one of those, you bet I'd be using it XD

Asian huh? I can kind of see where you're coming from with that, but i dont think this would quite make it into crouching tiger XD Im not that good yet lol.

Thanks for the review and the vote!
Always glad to know theres another satisfied listener!



How strange, I had thought I had already left you 2 reviews, but it seems I must have confused you with somebody else X(!

Time to fix yes?

Are you using East West as well?! That violin sounded familiar... then again a violin is going to sound like a violin no matter where you go, just sample sound wise.

In any case, it is not so much a sunset I envision but walking through a jungle, vibrant of life, speckled with rich colors.

Then the harp plays what seems like a minor progressive chord and i'm looking at a large dead tree. Splendid, strong, wonderful, even by death.

I also see rivers, the harp gives me that image as well. The fluent, flowing, sometimes randomly overlapping layers of strings really adds on an interesting twist, an ambient theme.

In any case, i'm rather disappointed to see this song get so little attention, so here's my 5, keep up the great work languid!

languid-phenomenon responds:

Wo0t a 5! Yes, this is all done with Eastwest, and a hint of FL standard samples *the background pad lol*
The image you got was a very good one!! i never thought of it like that, but now i can see where you are coming from XD
Thank you so much for the review!! I think you are a great artist, and cant wait to hear more songs from you XD
*you should keep me up to date with your songs :P*


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Feb 14, 2007
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