NightHawk22 - Tiekondyrogha

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This is my second song, please critique

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Darn You!!

You just cost me £20 =(
I listen to ur songs and go "HOLY SHIT THATS GOOD!" and decide I wanna give it a go so I buy ejay techno 5 music software, can't w8 =)

Anyway fab song well done (again)

Can't believe I never reviewed this.

I've listened to this a bunch of times but never reviewed it O.o

The best part of this song is its catchy beat. You managed to keep the rhythm going throughout the song, so well that repetivity is drowned out. Some things to work on if you remaster it: It doesn't have a lot of volume. It sounds kind of flat you know? Try giving it a little echo maybe or adding more layers of synths.

9.3/10 Well done.


Truly, one of the best in NG ... I love it ... keep it up man

143 downloads and NO reviews?

Wow, it seems a review for this song definitely IS overdue! =D Well, here it is.

While the song is loading, I have a question... what's the reasoning behind the name?

Yep, it's definitely from while you only had a basic understanding of FL Studio... and yet, it's very melodic. Your introduction was, frankly, horrible, but as the song progresses I'm hearing arpeggios and guitarwork and basses and everything... wow, it's great!

Your melody is good, video-game sounding, and is fresh throughout the song, as you always keep it. It is, however, a little bland in the beginning, though it gets better. When you've got fast, random notes playing, it does sound a bit random but for the most part fits. I don't hear creative rhythms, though, it's usually eighth notes, or quarter notes, etc., and exceptions, while present, aren't common. And then, those exceptions, (I'm talking about that laser synth and then the synth that plays lead after it) use synths that don't fit at ALL. And then, after that part, the lead synth feels too quiet. You're VERY good with melodywork, but try to work on those creative rhythms and synth choice.

The song is very melodic, and that's great! Your harmonies are well-thought out, and there are no clashing notes. Synths are well-chosen, and are very diverse, which is something I don't see as often as other good harmonic qualities... you're good at this! No criticism here.

Your percussion is the main part of the song that needs work. I hear a kick every beat, a clap every other beat, and a closed hihat playing eighth-notes... you need work. And, those are presets from FL, aren't they? I hope you've gotten better since you made this... try to avoid using FL presets, and look for better samples on sites such as findsounds.com, etc.

Unfortunately, you don't get much of an attitude or atmosphere in this song... this is because you chose some of the wrong synths, and because there aren't many creative rhythms. I can only suggest to improve on those and keep trying... it'll come on its own with experience.

For your second song, it's great! You have great potential - I wonder how many people have said that? Never doubt that you do, you have more than most of us. :) Keep up the good work.

NightHawk22 responds:

thanks and congrats for being the first person to review this song!
Well, what spurred on the name was...
i don't know really, i just thought of the fort ticonderoga and thought, i'll just screw up the name as much as possible.
I will admit, it was very random. Back when I made this, i was into making crazy rythems that fit the key, but didnt really fit the song, with a whole bunch of shredding all over the place. Thanks for the tip about the fl presets. I used a different sample for the kick on my new song.
Which is not all the way finished, so i wanted to hear some input before i got too far. you can find it on http://nighthawk22.pbwiki.com - my first attempt at an audio portal b4 i found newgrounds. The new song is titled Twilight Trance. If the site asks for a password, it's 'techno'. thanks again for reviewing,

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Feb 13, 2007
8:58 PM EST
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