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drowning (AIM)

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Author Comments

this is like if you could zoom in on the last 30 seconds of your life before you fade away into the darkness and slow that down and expand it into 4 minutes. where would your thoughts turn to..?





i expect that a lot of people will just be bored/uninterested by this track but it is honestly one of my favorite tracks i have written


also lol more genre trolling -_- i hate choosing genres on this stupid website so i just randomly do it. every time you mention genres in the reviews i kill one hostage so BE CAREFUL

ART: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/joaovaz/sinking-deep

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How did I miss this track. This is easily one of my favorites by you!
Loved it and im downloading it now!

johnfn responds:

thanks! yeah, i was and am very pleased with this one as well =)

i liked your trax in the ngadm btw, bummer you got kicked out so quickly =/ (though if you hadnt, you'd have gone up against us, so i guess the result would have been the same... heyoooo ;-))

This song would be consoling to hear at the end of it all, rather than the shrieking violins that would surely be playing in my head were I drowning. (side thought, this made me recall a French film I watched years ago, that briefly mentioned how typically the last detected image found in the human eye is of the ceiling) I really like this song. :) It's thoughtful and relaxing. Been listening to a few of your tracks so far and enjoying them.^^

johnfn responds:

thanks! glad you found something you like :D

I don't know how I missed this. Thought I got every damn AIM entry. Guess not. :P

Let's see, again really not liking the highpass play intro. Hi-pass play on the drums was interesting -- UNTIL naked drums came over top of the track, and then it felt superfluous. As a rule, hi-pass when you've got something under it. Low pass when it's naked. Remember the sound pyramid shouldn't look like lady Newt Gingrich.

Progression is holding my interest. Good for lounging, relaxing, reflecting. Overall, pretty sexy ambiance. Not sure if that's intended or not. Also, you're going to have to kill a hostage, because this isn't synthwave! It's closer to jazz. Listen to those solos! Now, does that fit in a genre of music that sounds straight out of the 80's?

Mixing is where this one suffers most. Nothing is particularly clashing, but that bass is very dry and is sticking out because of it. It's also a little too loud. Everything else sounds very syrupy, then along comes this bass and... I think I might hear a piano under it, but can't tell if it's that or just a really low-passed piano to begin with. I think I hear synthy pick noises. Maybe not. Everything else is all pretty sounding, but this bass sounds like it's just there chilling, waiting for the song to be over.

Also, your injection of percussion is probably not as dynamic as you want. Watch your volume leveling. Pay attention to cymbals. This one could have used cymbal rolls for its transitions specifically. There are points where some sections sound like they were just pasted on the tail of another, like at 2:00 where we get what sounds like a lightly brushed hat, but the section is so naked, it sounds abrupt! Maybe tap on a ride to get a little ring out of it first. Warm up the ears!

Good song overall. Enjoyed the listen. Did not enjoy the uncomfortable thoughts and anxiety that came with the premise, haha.

johnfn responds:

ty for the very freaking long review EDM! tytyty

The melodies are really great in your latest songs but I miss a bass. / (´・×・`)\

johnfn responds:

there is a bass. check your speakers.

This is soooooo good! I love that wavey main synth thing and the entire thing is really well composed. Digging it! :D

johnfn responds:

thanks! :D

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4.55 / 5.00

May 7, 2017
1:19 PM EDT
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4 min 27 sec

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