Jacques Melissa - Gosh, this is a fucking masquerade

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now, this is extremely cliché, I know, but I would've never guessed that I would get this far. Like THIS far. I know, I know, don't even start, I know that I might be over hyping, but 700 is a lot. Like a lot. Like think 700 people individually. I usually compare sub counts to the amount of people in our school just to illustrate the amount and put it in to a perspective, (we have 300, approximately) and seven hundred is actually a huge amount. 700 times that subscribe button has been individually pressed. Now that's cool to think about.

but now to the dark part. Of course there is always a dark part. You know, I am that type of person. Yeah, that type of person. The one who always thinks he will never get anywhere. The type of person who lacks hope, and mocks himself until he actually manages to depress himself and believe his own, twisted thoughts. But I proved those thoughts WROOOONG. Take that, haha! That's why I am honestly surprised that I even reached 700. 700 is a very good base amount. I can only go higher from here and that just gives me motivation to do more E L E C T R O S W I N G.

seriously, thanks to everyone for your support. Sometimes I am not the happiest person there is, and every comment, whether it is constructive criticism or praising feedback, will help me sustain my joy. They really do help.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dsfshAmp-k&feature=youtu.be
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/honeyb3e/jacques-melissa-gosh-this-a-fucking-masquerade

about the name: masquerade pretty much means hiding behind the mask here. It means just showing your nose, mouth, clothes and whatever visual one could see when looking quickly at you, but hiding what you really are deep inside. It's about hiding emotions, the dark ones, and not being able to encourage yourself to be different even though you wanted to. I was like that, but decided to say big fuck you to my inner thoughts and dye my hair pink and stand out of the crowd. The words "gosh" and "fucking" just emphasize how I really didn't like being a hider. If you're like me, just remember: it doesn't kill to not be shy.

i never usually explain the names behind my songs, but I figured out that I could do from now on. Every title has its own story and trust me, I can sometimes be one hell of a storyteller.

but hey, do you hear that?

I don't about you but I do.

It is shameless advertising again...


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I've just went on a spree of listening to your songs and I can't say that I don't like it. First time I ever follow will be to you! :)

djhoneyb responds:


Me say... Me Like... Me Love... ME ENJOY MORE... Me say keep dis up senpai

sounds like an old 1900's song mixed up with dubstep. good job jacquellisa. cant wait to see your next song. also Jacques Melissa sounds like a womans name but instead its a male name xD

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djhoneyb responds:

Jacques is the most male name one could think of and Melissa, on the other hand, is the most feminine name ever! And that's why I like it, it just tells about that other side of mine: the feminine side.

anyways, thank youuu!

holy guacamole, this is some hella good song you made there! keep going like this, I'm in love with your super rhytmic and weird-sounding songs <3

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djhoneyb responds:

boiii, thanks!

Fookin' cathy music, I like it.

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djhoneyb responds:


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