AIM - Love In Essence

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This song was inspired by "Sin, Redemption and Holy Ghost Outpour" by UltimoGames: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ultimogames/sin-redemption-and-holy-ghost-outpour

It reminded me (of course) of God's love for us and how in His divine nature He IS love. He sent His Son to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins when we are undeserving, fallen sinners. He didn't have to do that, but He did it because love is just who He is.

This is the first song I've completed that uses my new Warren Ellis electric tenor guitar. I'm happy with the results.

This is also the first time (if I'm not mistaken) that I've used obnoxious autotune for effect.


I like the relaxed mood at the beginning. Excellent atmosphere - the spacious mix and reverb really help you out here. The vocals at 1:07 are beautiful - very reassuring tone, soulful, and rich. That simply melody in the guitar 1:40 is really effective at channeling the emotion here. I also don’t think the autotune was obnoxious at all - in a way it added to the atmosphere. Mixing-wise, the only complaint I have is that the drums could’ve been a little stronger, and the kick is sometimes hard to make out amidst the spacey ambient patterns. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the way the pad cuts off at 3:54 - the sudden cutoff just didn’t seem to fit the mood of the piece IMO. Perhaps I would’ve liked to see you vary the guitar riffs toward the end a little more, as they did get repetitive. Besides that, the composition is lovely as well. Solid work! Keep it up, man. ;)


So cool to see this one in the runner-ups. Good work.

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Rahmemhotep responds:

I'm pretty sure everyone who didn't win is a runner up :P

The raw atmosphere of this piece draws parallels to the piece represented. I have no real critique. Even the lyrics are not superfluous, unlike a lot of other Christian pieces I've seen that just hammer home the obvious. Good work.

Your vocals really creates a unique atmosphere to this that I don't know how to really describe. I get a strange/eerie, yet peaceful feeling from listening to it. Great guitar tone btw.

Rahmemhotep responds:

It's an electric tenor guitar with 2 mini humbuckers (some know these as 'firebird style humbuckers') going straight into my PC through my scarlet solo. I have it tuned GDAE low-to-high.

EDIT: I mean, I EQd it and did the effects, but none of it comes from a pedal or amp.

Very interesting, very different. I love the atmosphere of this piece. The guitars are downright beautiful and chilling. I love the way the vocals sound, love the effect. I usually don't like autotune but the way it's used here is classy. This has sort of a Digital Sea (by Thrice) vibe, yet different. I love it. Can't say it really fits the picture's vibe, but this is a beautiful piece none the less.

Beautiful work.

Rahmemhotep responds:

I thought that the digital and 'cool' (as in I get blue, green and purple kind of feel) feel of the song went well with the pixelated art and blue and black background with purple focus subjects, but to each his own. I mean opinions are what make art ART, right?

To clarify, I tried to use sounds that made me think of cool colours.

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Apr 25, 2017
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