Beryllium [Revised]

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So I got a lot of positive feedback on Beryllium back when I released it, but I had a lot of constructive pieces of advice on how to improve it. As you all know, I am a creator in Geometry Dash, and I used my song Lithium in a level. Though it had only been intended as a practice level, it got much more popularity than expected, and a lot of people liked the song, but a lot of people hated it as well.
I didn't want as many people to hate this song, which I am using for the sequel to the aforementioned level, so I took into account all of the reviews suggesting how to make it better, and changed up some of the melodies to make it slightly less repetitive. It's still VERY repetitive, of course, but I like to think that all of these changes made it a much better song than it was before, and I will be using this instead of the original for the level.
Huge thanks to Zyzyx and SI-7 for advising me on using reverb on certain things, and another thanks to Xtrullor for the tip on using white noise as ambience to fill space. I'm very happy with how this turned out just by taking your guys's advice! May this song be proof to all who question you that y'all know what you're doing.


This song is so Beautiful! I think it sounds amazing. The drop doesn't seem intense enough if that makes any since. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK! I look forward to listening to your songs more!

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The clap could be a little bit quieter at the start. It's still pretty repetitive, as you said, but the sounds feel like they're a lot better designed than the original. The chords are also much smoother. The ending is a lot smoother than the original, nice touch there. This is probably your best quality song thus far.

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You're getting so much better! However, there are some things that I would change:

1: Way too much bass in the buildup. It kinda makes the drop less intense than it should be. This can be fixed by adding a high pass filter in the buildup (not too much of it though) and dropping it back down at the drop.
2: In the drop there is a little background sync-y sound that does not fit in well (in my opinion), or at least it is too loud. I'd mix it down some
3: This is specifically about percussion: a) percussion is not mixed in well. It could be louder. b) Try finding better drum samples (or learn to make your own). Personally, some of the percussive sounds don't sound that great in this song. Try to get percussion samples that fit better for whatever genre you are doing.

That's pretty much all I have to say. Before you think this is a mean or overly-critical review, just know that it is all to help you improve even more (I DID give a 5-star rating btw).

Anyways, I think this is a big step in the right direction music-wise. Great job, and Never Stop Improving™!

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Nice chords!
I like this arp. Almost sounds like tobu.
The little clappy thing seems a bit out of place
Try to side chain your kick with everything else, its getting drowned out in the mix and it's clashing with the bass.
Theres so many things going on I can't tell which melody I'm supposed to be listening to.
I like the slow down in the drums :)
You seem to only be using one high hat for the entirety of the song. Try using other hi hats and rides to crisp up the percussion a bit.
I like the little riser you use :)
You might not want to have a rise and then not have a drop... usually songs will have a second drop if there is another buildup. It's just a bit disappointing to the ear, ya know?? xD

OVERALL: 3/5. You seem to be getting better mate :)


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SirHadoken responds:

Thank you!
Yeah, the clap thing was a bad idea from the start xD
On the original song, you told me to add reverb to the snare, but that actually wasn't a snare, it was just a really weird clap. So when I added reverb to it, no matter what I tried, it sounded like.. THAT. I suppose I could've always switched it out for a snare, but I felt like it could possibly compromise the song entirely if not done right.
That was supposed to be a drop, I'm just.. not good at drops, at all. xD
I haven't tried making differentiations on the hi-hats, but it's definitely something I could take into consideration. I realize it could get repetitive after the first eight seconds, like all of my songs do.
Side chaining is something I literally "learned" how to do yesterday, and I still don't really understand what to do and what it does, but I'll attempt it.
I should incorporate a second drop to commemorate that second riser.I might extend it and do that when I update the file.

Thank you for all of the detailed reviews you've given, I'm fortunate to have someone notify me as to where I need to start focusing on. If I'm going to try to fix myself, I'd better do it right, and this advice is the best way for me to start with that.

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