Over Mountains

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There are "mountaintop" times in our lives, our best experiences, our highest points. Mountains can also be seen as obstacles that you either face directly or change your destination. I kinda wished I'd climbed a few more of my mountains before now.

Ok, that was really in-depth, and I love figurative language and analogies, so figure that out on your own if you want. Enjoy, please review and ask any questions you want.


First of all, I've listened to Powerful Enemy, and THIS is equal to that piece! Amazing! Second, you should make more music pieces! They really tell stories! Some pieces don't have to make sense, but can express feelings, just like you said below in one comment. So PLEASE MAKE MORE PIECES! THEY'RE AWESOME!!!!

Columbers responds:

Thanks for your enthusiasm! I'm trying to make music, as always. Sometimes the "well of inspiration" runs totally dry and all I can make is junk-music, and I don't finish pieces of music unless they're above a certain quality level. But don't worry, I'll make some more music sometime!

There is a huge disbalance in loudness. I didn't know there was a reverb at the end untill I red the comments. The beginning is also too quiet.

Columbers responds:

The beauty of orchestral music is its power to express emotion. Loudness and quietness help express emotion. If you want a constant, unvarying volume, please go listen to an electronic song. This is cinematic, and this song would lose a ton of power if the volume was completely static- there'd be barely any climax. Sorry if it bothered anyone

The bass/timpani thing kinda overtakes, the melody isn't that great, the strings don't have any reverb and after a chord just end abruptly.
Overall, just keep making more of this, you'll get better.

Columbers responds:

Actually there's a master reverb, I just prefer a fairly dry sound and I overlooked that part. The abrupt disappearance of the huge orchestra is part of the story.

This piece was more of me telling a story, although I relied more on orchestration and harmony than I did on building a solid melody. This is less melodic and more repetitive than most of my pieces, haha. Thanks for reviewing though! I actually like (good) criticism when it's necessary

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