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Cradle Of The World

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Author Comments

What i saw on the news was anger and hate. More than Russian barrel bombing civilian. More than Assad troop dropping Sarin on children. But the excuse from imperialists of US, Canada and NATO using those excuses to invade another country that have been bombed to shit by them previously.

This is the song that wept for Mesopotamia. It's not just the cradle of civilization. Mesopotamia is the cradle of the world, and oldest living civilization. Spanning from Syria, Iraq, Egypt to parts of Iran, Mesopotamia have given to the world advanced culture, technology, science, math and medicine that ages ahead of everyone else at their times.

Egypt was going through crisis created by the West. Iran-Iraq war was an attempt by the West to wipe both out. Iraq wars were one. And now Syria war. Millions had perished and millions more having their lives destroyed.

But this song also cherishes the might of Mesopotamia. May the descendants of Mesopotamia survive the genocides, and may them have their vengeance upon those that attempted to bring pain and suffering to Mesopotamia.

Music transcend borders, so it wouldn't be different if this was traditional instruments of Mesopotamia or Western. A numbers of Western musical instruments came from Persian and Babylon anyway.


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Nice track, maybe first part is a bit too long, and a faster development would've sounded better, but that's just my taste. Anyway, it's a great work!

Montron responds:

Thank you for your review

Great track, small tip:
Be careful as a musician with descriptions on your songs that advance any sort of political cause. It may be a widely supported one, but if you want to grow as a musician, it's best to appear as neutral as possible. This doesn't mean you need to actually be neutral, obviously you're allowed to show your own thoughts. But an easy way to lose or not gain fans is to agree with or argue against certain causes, as it will offend some people. A great way to prevent that is just to appear neutral.

Great track though, 5/5 :)

Montron responds:

like i give a fuck about what my description offended special snowflakes. as mentioned many times before, i'm not competitive. i could write music better than many mainstream musicians, and i have actual history of award winning projects. i do music for the sake of entertainment of other and myself, and not for profit.

music is to express one self, not selling yourself. if i can't have fun, then i don't want to make music.

Music should transcend politics just as much as it transcends borders...excellent execution though.

Montron responds:

Was it politic that the Spanish commit genocide against the Natives? Was it politic that US committed ethnic cleansing against the African slaves? Was it politic that Iraq was invaded and 100,000 perished?

If lives were determined by politics and statistics then I rather have all politicians and leaders set on the guillotine like King Louis did.

This is a great description, and it effectively draws me in. The song evokes a sense of mournfulness, yet it's still fairly busy, which symbolizes the military aggression. You're really good at enhancing the mood of your tracks with vocals, and I like the variety of instruments! This is a very meaningful and deep track.

Montron responds:

Thank you for your review, BlueOceans. :)

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3.61 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2017
5:37 PM EDT
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